The  Shelbyville  Democrat
Tuesday, December 14, 1919
          Glen Pherigo,  Miss Lois Lantz  and  Miss Katherine Brooks,  of the Cave, were dinner guests Sunday evening of  Mr. and Mrs. Stacy Brant, of near Waldron.
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The  Shelbyville  Democrat
November 28, 1914
          William Lantz, of Waldron, was in this city today on business.
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The  Shelby  Republican
Thursday April 30, 1914
Page 2 column 3
Was Sent to Decatur County Friday
By Judge McGee of Rush County
          Judge McGee, of the Rush county Circuit Court sustained the motion of the defendant for a change of venue Friday morning in the divorce suit of  Nettie Lantz  against  Jefferson Lantz, in which $10,000 alimony is asked.  The case was sent to the Decatur Circuit Court and only one day was given in which to perfect the change.
          The motion of a change of venue was contested strongly by the plaintiff.  It was argued that the change should not be granted until the question of allowance as set out in the complaint, and the matter of a temporary restraining order, were settled.
          The case was filed only last Friday and when the complaint was filed a petition was also filed for support money and asking that Mr. Lantz be restrained from disposing of any of his personal property, which, according to the complaint, was valued at $8,000.
          It was the contention of the plaintiff that these issues should be settled before the change was granted. The defense argued that the court had the right and there was no option but to grant the change.  In the affidavit for a change of venue it was alleged that because of local prejudice a fair trial could not be had in the local court.
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