The  Kokomo  Tribune
April 30, 1932
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Shelbyville, Ind., April 30.
          James Lawrence,  36, a farm laborer, beat his wife to death then committed suicide by slashing his throat with a razor near here today.  The tragedy was witnessed by two small sons of the couple.  The Lawrence's had been separated for several weeks and had gathered at the home seven miles northeast of Shelbyville for a possible reconciliation.  Officials were told that when Mrs. Lawrence refused to return to Lawrence he became enraged and clubbed her to death.  His suicide followed.
Contributed by Janet McColley Franklin

The  Shelbyville  Democrat
Saturday, November 7, 1914
          Lucile Laurence,  four years old, daughter of  Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Laurence,  was probably fatally injured at eleven o'clock today when she was kicked in the head by a colt while playing in the barnyard at her home in Moral township, one mile east of Pleasant View.  The blow fractured her skull so badly that a portion of the brain was exposed.
          Soon after the accident occurred the child was found wandering about the barnlot.  Her clothes were covered iwth blookd, but she was still conscious and it is possible the injury may not prove fatal, but Dr. Arthur Swails,  of Action, who was called, said he had very little hope of saving the child's life.
          In order that the little girl might have the very best of attention she [the article continues].
Copied by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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