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The  Shelbyville  Republican
Friday, April 17, 1936
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Gives Talk Before Holton
Bible Class of Chris-
tian Church
          Members of the Holton Bible class of the First Christian church enjoyed a program at the church Thursday evening.  All musical numbers on the program were given by students of the high school and the address was given by the school superintendent,  Prof. W. F. Loper.
          Martin Schulz,  head of the music department, directed the singing by a cappella choir composed of forty voices, the numbers being "When Twilight Shadows Fall" and "Fairest Lord Jesus."  Robert Stith  sang "The Lost Chord," and two numbers were given by the high school rhythm sisters, the  Misses Maverne Rhodes,  Virginia Richardson and  Karlene Kanouse.
Bass  Directs  Program
          Leslie Day,  president of the class, called upon  Walter Hungerford,  a teacher of the class, to open the meeting with prayer and prsented  Emerson Bass,  also, a teacher of the class, to direct the program.  The dismissal prayer was given by the  Rev. Paul E. Million,  pastor of the church.
          Mr. Loper, who was presented by Mr. Bass, spoke on "Adjustments."  The speaker expressed pride in the accomplishments of the students, who had so pleasantly entertained the class, but admitted that the public hears all too little about the work of the students in music, commercial and debating contests in a number of which they have recently acquitted themselves with high honors for the school and community.  Admission was made that these contests fail to attract the attention they should owing to the fact of the athletic side of student life.  "And, of course," the speaker said,  "schools like to provide for the public that which the public likes most."
Pays  Tribute  to  Holton
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