The  Shelbyville  Republican
Wednesday, April 29, 1936
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        SAFETY  TALK
Speaks  at  Meeting  of
Jackson  Township  Farm
Bureau  Tuesday
          Martin Luther,  chairman of the educational committee of the Shelby County Safety Council, spoke at the Jackson township Farm Bureau meeting at the Mt. Auburn school building last night.
          The subject of Mr. Luther's address was "Is There Need for Safety."  In his discussion Mr. Luther used several charts and books of reference with statistics made on national surveys on accidents occurring in 1935.
          Mr. Luther complimented Jackson township on being the first township in Shelby county asking for safety information.  He stated that if there were one hundred children born in this town today that seventy-seven of them would be acceptable to accidents.  This percent was determined over a national survey.
          Over one hundred persons attended the meeting.  Beside Mr. Luther's safety talk  Mr. and Mrs. Ira Worland showed three motion picture reels, one on a Southern lumber camp, an airplane view of Washington, D. C., and a fishing trip in Florida.
          Mrs. Worland gave a plan for the summer activities.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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