The  Shelbyville  Daily  Democrat
Saturday December 26, 1896
Page 1 column 3
And How She Located Her Father,
Who Was Mourned as Dead
          Many of our older residents will remember  John Marker, who resided in Brandywine township, just after the late war, and that some twenty-eight years ago he left there for parts unknown, leaving his two daughters with relatives, who raised them to womanhood.  Nothing was ever afterward heard of Marker, and he was mourned as dead.  Recently  Miss Junie Marker,  his only surviving heir, was induced by friends to make application for a pension, which she did.  Her application was sent to the department in Washington, and when reached it was discovered that a man by the name and company was drawing a pension in Colorado.  Miss Marker was so informed and opened up a correspondence with the party, who proved to be her father.  He had gone to that State, had been successful in mining interests and is now wealthy.  A few days ago he arrived here from his distant home with the determination of having his daughter accompany him back, but was greatly disappointed on finding her dangerously ill at the home of  Mr. and Mrs. John Mann, northwest of the city, where she is residing.  The meeting between the father and daughter was one which those who witnessed it will never forget.  Miss Marker was formerly in the millinery business at Fairland and Franklin, and is a popular and accomplished young lady.  When restored to health Miss Marker will make her future home in Colorado.
Contributed by Barb Huff

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