The  Shelbyville  Democrat
Thursday January 15, 1925
Father Declares Their Mother Not
Fit to Have Custody of Daughters
           Charging that his wife is not a fit person to have the custody of their children, Charlie Marsh has filed a complaint in the Shelby circuit court for the possession of his two daughters, eight and three years old, who are bow living with their mother Mrs. Zella Marsh, at the home of her parents in Blue Ridge. Mr. and Mrs. Marsh were married in February 1917 and have lived apart since last February.
          Mr. Marsh charges that his wife refused to permit him to visit or see the children and that she has alienated their affection from him. He alleges that she is quarrelsome, used profane language, is immoral and associates with other men.
          He states that he is financially able to take care of the children and if they are given into his possession that he will rear them properly and have them educated. Mr. Marsh is represented by a Rushville attorney in the case.
Contributed by Barb Huff

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