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The  Shelbyville  Republican
Thursday, October 6, 1932
Page 1
          Miss Doris McCartney, daughter of  Mr. and Mrs. W. E. McCartney  of Shelby township, has been chosen as reporter of The Campus Crier, weekly news publication of Central Normal College of Danville.  The choice was made because of her outstanding ability and personality.
          The Crier has grown within the last year from a one-page paper to a six-page weekly, and Central Normal has the largest enrollment for the fall term that it has ever had.  The school is making progress in many lines of work.
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The  Shelbyville  Democrat
Monday, September 29, 1907
          J. E. McCartney  and son, Walter, spent yesterday with  Mr. and Mrs. I. E. McCartney, of Bloomington.
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The  Shelbyville  Daily  Democrat
Wednesday, September 20, 1905
Page 1
          The will of  John McCartney  has been filed for probate.  The testament was made April 6, 1095[sic], and leaves his property equally to  James McCartney  and  Elizabeth McCartneyL. G. Almeroth  is named as administrator.  The latter has filed bond in the sum of $200, the bondsmen being  Thomas Hawkins  and  Joel Scott.
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The  Shelby  Democrat
January 23, 1896
Page 3 column 1
          Auctioneer Isaac Heck,  who cried the  McCartney  sale last week, says that the sale was not only largely attended but that all articles brought splendid prices.  Eight hundred bushels of corn sold for 36-1/2 cents per bushel; hogs went as high as $8 per hundred, and cattle (not -pot-ers) as high as $4 per hundred.  The sale was advertised in The Democrat.
Contributed by Phyllis Fleming

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