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The  Kokomo  Tribune
January 2, 1953
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          Shelbyville, Ind.,--- Shelby County today had two men claiming to be county treasurer.  Jack D. McClain,  backed by an attorney general's opinion, claimed the office, although he was elected in November to a term to start Jan. 1, 1954.  Treasurer John A. Kelley  refused to leave office, claiming his term runs through 1953.  McClain indicated he might take the dispute to court.
Contributed by Janet McColley Franklin

A Shelbyville, Indiana, newspaper
March 22, 1912

          A number of ladies in the south part of the city gathered at the home of  Mrs. Tilden McClain,  on Howard street, last evening for the purpose of organizing a literary and social club. A very interesting program was given which consisted of a song or a recitation from each one present.
          A dainty lunch was served, consisting of ham sandwiches, potato salad, baked beans, chicken and coffee.  Among those present were  Mrs. Claude Henry and daughter;  Mrs. Tilden Kanouse,  Mrs. Harry Shaw,  Mrs. Ida Long and son,  Mrs. Will Pherigo and son,  Mrs. Frank Fagel,  Mrs. Daisy Floyd,  Mrs. Emma Gore,  Mrs. Josie Sleeth,  Mrs. E. W. McDaniel,  Mrs. Will Adams  and daughter  Kathleen,  Mrs. Tom Carroll,  Mrs. Dan Starkey  and  Mrs. Mary Dansizer.
          The club adjourned at a late hour to meet in two weeks at the home of  Mrs. Frank Fagel.
Copied by Phyllis Miller Fleming

A Shelbyville, Indiana, newspaper
November 26, 1905?
Celebrate Their Golden Wedding
W. C. McClain and Wife Entertain Many Friends
in Honor of Their Fiftieth Marriage Anniversary Today.
          Surrounded by relatives and friends Mr. and Mrs. W. C. McClain, and estimable couple of the city , are today celebrating their golden wedding anniversary at their home, 182 Center Street.  Mr. and Mrs. McClain have always resided in this county and their acquaintance is quite an extensive one.  All who attended the celebration testified the respect and love they have for the couple by handsome and useful presents among which were three 10-dollar gold pieces.
          A remarkably fine dinner was spread at the noon hour and enjoyed by the half a hundred people present.
          Mr. and Mrs. McClain were married fifty years ago today, the ceremony having been performed by 'Squire Enoch M. Tucker, of Hendricks township.  Two persons, Mrs. Henry Thurston  of Hendricks township and  John McClain  of Flat Rock, present at the celebration today, witnessed the marriage ceremony.  Music for the entertainment of the guests was furnished this afternoon by  Roger Hartzell, of Indianapolis and  Edward Rairdon, of Chicago.
          Among the guests present were the following: Indianapolis – Mr. and Mrs. W. O. McClain,  Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fowler --- W. O. McClain is a son, and Mrs. Fowler, a daughter of the couple --- Mr. and Mrs. Barrow and son,  Mrs. E. A Matchett,  Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bryant,  Charles Barrett,  Mrs. Jessie Richardson,  Thomas Doyle,  Mrs. D. D. Sandefur and two sons,  Mrs. C. Veregge and son,  Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Hartzell  and  Mrs. J. C. Chapman, a grand-daughter of the couple.
          Shelbyville --- Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Murray,  Mrs. And Mrs. J. W. Vaught,  Mrs. William Maple, son and daughter,  Mrs. Benjamin Vaught  and daughter, Gertrude,  Mrs. Nora Shadley  and  Mrs. Martha Cosler.
          Flat Rock --- Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Girton,  Mrs. And Mrs. John McClain  and  Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Brannum. John McClain is a brother of Mr. W. C. McClain.
          Others present were  Mrs. Mamie Means  and  Miss Eva Plunkett, London;  Mr. and Mrs. Henry Thurston,  and  Mr. and Mrs. Orin Ponsler, Hendricks township;  Mr. and Mrs. John Keith, Franklin;  Mrs. Minnie McClain, Whiteland;  Mrs. Sarah E. Rodman, Milford; and  W. A Hamlin, Cleveland, Ohio.  Two grandchildren, both of them residing in Chicago, were present.  They are Edward Rairdon and family, and  Mr. June McClain.
Submitted by Bob Gordon
[William C. McClain  and  Hannah J. Brant  were married 26 Nov 1855.  Is this the couple in the article? - PMF]

The  Daily  Republican
Saturday, May 12, 1888
L O C A L       N E W S.
          Miss Emma McClain  and  Miss Stella Robertson  are attending a picnic to-day near Acton.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Daily  Evening  Democrat
Thursday, April 13, 1882
          Goosetown is improving.  Riley Fulford  has recently bought three lots of  Alex. McClain,  administrator of  James McClain’s  estate, lying on the north side of East Pennsylvania street, near its intersection with Vine, and is going to fence them in and fill up the bayou portion thereof. The said bayou is doomed to disappear and the goose pond in the corporation limits will soon be a mere recollection of the past.
Contributed by D. Darlene Palmer

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