The  Shelby  Daily  Democrat
Tuesday, October 3, 1905
Page 1 column 1
          Roy McComas  has not returned to this city, but many people think that ere many moons have elapsed the young man will appear in our midst as healthy and sound as ever.  And it is also thought that his return will bring to light some facts that will give the gossips a chance to wag their ears in glee.
          But, by the way, we wonder why the services of the distinguished "professor" have not been invoked while the serach was being made for McComas.  Surely the man who said on September 5th that  Katy Smith  was in St. Louis and would return to Shelbyville in less than two weeks should have been consulted.
          It seems to us that the friends who have been looking for the missing one have made a grievous error in not allowing the wonderful wizard to tell them where the absent one could be found.
[There were several articles previous to this one.  Mr. McComas mysteriously disappeared on his wedding day.]
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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