The  Shelbyville  Republican
Thursday February 25, 1909
Page 4 column 1
(St. Paul, Ind., February 25)
            Isaiah McCoy, who lives near here, celebrated his ninety-fifth birthday anniversary Tuesday at a reunion of relatives and friends, who will go to the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Garrett, with whom McCoy lives, taking well filled baskets, which has been customary for years.  Mr. McCoy, until the last few months, was nimble on his feet and could dance to the music of a violin as well as a person thirty years his junior, but now his health is failing fast.
            He was born in Ghent, Kentucky, February [13], 1814, and he came to Decatur county in 1819.  His father fought in the war of the revolution, and he was wounded at the battle of Cowpins.  After the war he sailed to South Africa, where he was a prisoner among savages for three months.  On returning to America he settled in Ghent, Kentucky, and later he came to Indiana and started a mill.
            “Uncle” Isaiah, as he is familiarly called, says he has worked many a day when a young man for 37 ˝ cents a day.  The first half dollar he earned, he says, looked as big as the hind wheel of a wagon.
            Mr. McCoy was married when twenty-six years old to Miss Mary Short, who died May 5, 1891.  He still lives at the old home with a granddaughter, Mrs. Ada Garrett, and her husband.  He has six children living, and they include, Mrs. J. R. [Courtney] Kanouse,  John N. McCoy,  Mrs. J. M. [Julia] Bright, and Mrs. Lewis [Eliza] Garrett, of this place,  Mrs. George [Arminda] Boicourt of Westport, and  Benjamin F. McCoy  of Greensburg.
Contributed by Barb Huff

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