The  Kokomo  Tribune
July 1, 1964
Page 16
          Columbus, Ind., ---- Carol McMullin, 8, Shelbyville, drowned Tuesday in Lake Schaefer, near Hope.  She was playing in the water with a beach ball and apparently went beyond her depth, authorities said.  She could not swim.
Contributed by Janet McColley Franklin

The  Indianapolis  Star
November 7, 1915
Page 69   Column 7
          Samuel Laughlin,  a retired business man of this city, and  Miss Anna McMillan,  who came here a few months ago from Londonderry, Ireland, to be a companion to Mr. Laughlin's sister-in-law, were married at the Laughlin home Thursday night, the ceremony being performed by the  Rev. John McMillan  of Atlantic City, N. J., a brother of the bride.
Contributed by Virginia Latta Curulla

The  Shelby  Democrat
June 16, 1904
Miss Nellie McMillin Perfect in School Attendance or Eleven Years.
         Miss Nellie McMillin, daughter of  Mr. and Mrs. Will McMillin, of Union township, has won the remarkable distinction, so far as is known, of being the only person in the couty or state who has attended the public schools every consecutive term, a period of seventy two months.  In addition to this most creditable record she has never been tardy a single time.  Miss McMillin during this time was a pupil of the Gring graded school.  She was one of the High School graduates this year.
         In recognition of such unusual merit the County Board of Education at its regular May meeting voted Miss McMillin a solid gold medal, bearing the following inscription:  "Presented by the County Borad of Education for meritorious school attendance."  It was presented to her on Educational Day, June 2, by County Superintendent Headlee, who spoke as follows:
         "I am glad to know that there is a growing interest in education --- a larger educational spirit.  There is no better evidence of this than the increasing percentage in school attendance.
         "There were granted this spring 122 'rolls of honor' to pupils who were neither absent nor tardy during the past school year --- this in spite of the great prevalence of measles, etc., near the close of the term."
         "Miss Nellie McMillin, has the remarkable record (equal perhaps in merit by that of  Miss Wilda Davis, of Milroy), of having attended school eleven terms without being either tardy or absent.  The county board of education, desiring at all times to encourage attendance, has purchased this gold medal which on behalf of the board I am now pleased to present to Miss McMillin."
         Miss McMillin came forward and accepted the medal with a neat and fitting response, thanking her parents for their assistance, and God for giving her health.
         Miss Wilda Davis referred toa bove was the recipient of a smiilar medalfrom the borad two years ago, for attending school ten years without being tardy or absent and for having [remainder is frayed]
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