The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday June 14, 1923
(From Thursday’s Daily)
          Mrs. Mary A. Mease, 321 W. South street, has filed a complaint in the Shelby circuit court for a divorce from  Iley Mease  and the return of her former name.  Mrs. Mease is represented by William A. Yarling, attorney in the action.
          Failure to provide is one of the charges made by Mrs. Mease.  She states her husband bought her only one hat during their married life and this was the extent of purchases of clothing for her.  She was compelled to work as a domestic and in a local factory to obtain money for herself and pay the house rent, she alleges.  Her husband refused to visit her friends with her and when he did he was sulky and indifferent towards her, Mrs. Mease states.  She also alleges that her called her names, struck her, choked, and beat her until she was black and blue.
          The Meases were married August 9, 1919, and separated February 12, 1923, the complaint set out. Mrs. Mease asks the return of her former name of  Mary A. Anderson.
Contributed by Barb Huff

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