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The  Kokomo  Tribune
March 1, 1971
Page 3
          Charles Mitchell Jr., 30, Shelbyville was killed when his car struck a barricade and overturned on Indiana 44 in Shelbyville.
Contributed by Janet McColley Franklin

The  Kokomo  Tribune
September 14, 1929
Page 8
          Mrs. Clark Creath  of Takoma Park, Wash.,  Mrs. Trummell  of Shelbyville, Ind.,  Mr. and Mrs. Willie Harlow  and baby and  Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Mitchell  were the guests Monday and Monday night of  Mr. and Mrs. David Harlow.
Contributed by Janet McColley Franklin

Tipton, Indiana newspaper
Thursday July 4, 1929
Mr. and Mrs. Dodridge Mitchell
Confined to Beds in Windfall
          Suffering with illness incident to their advanced years, the wife's illness being aggravated by the effects of an accident suffered several weeks ago, Dodridge Mitchell  and his good wife, Elizabeth, are confined to their beds and fears are expressed as to the outcome of their illness.
          Mrs. Mitchell had the misfortune to fall in the rear yard of the home of the aged couple in Windfall several weeks ago, sustaining an injury to her left hip, which keeps her in constant pain.  Until Tuesday afternoon, the faithful husband who is past 87 years of age, has been attending to the household duties and caring for his sick mate, members of the family and neighbors assisting.  The devotion of the aged man to his wife, who is in her 86th year has been such as to attract attention.  Tuesday afternoon, the strain proved too much for an already infirm body, on account of the ravages of age and he collapsed.   He has been in bed since and under the care of a physician while kind hands of relatives and friends are doing all in their power for both.
          Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell are one of the few remaining pioneer couples of the county, having come her almost 60 years ago during all of which time they have resided in the Windfall community.
          The husband is a veteran of the civil war having seen active service with the 70th Indiana Regiment in company B, and was knocked unconscious at Chattanooga by a piece of bursting shell which shattered his arm musket stock but, he awoke from his enforced sleep uninjured.  He was in 16 different skirmishes and battles and served three years with the Union forces, without being wounded.
          Both Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell have the distinction of being one of a family of 14 children and each one have one member of their family living.  Mrs. Mitchell has a brother  Allen E. Phillips  residing in Shelby county and Mr. Mitchell has a sister, Mrs. Rachel Landingham  residing in Shelby county.
          They are the parents of two children and the grandparents and great grandparents of many.
          Both are members of the Friends church at Hazel Dell and both are highly respected in the community where they have spent a life time.
          Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell were married in Shelby county, July 26, 1866 by Rev. Decatur Davis, and their many friends trust the couple will recover fully from their illnesses and be able to happily celebrate their 63rd wedding anniversary during the present month."
Contributed by Don T. Mitchell

The  Shelby  Republican
Thursday December 20, 1923
          A complaint for a divorce filed by  Arch Mitchell  against  Margaret Mitchell  was dismissed by the plaintiff today in the Shelby circuit court.
Contributed by Barb Huff

The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday April 26, 1923
Court Denied Restraining Order 
n Divorce Complaint Filed Here
          Arch B. Mitchell, 416 north Vine Street, alleges in a complaint for a divorce filed in the Shelby circuit court, that his wife, Margaret Mitchell, developed an insane hatred for his daughter by a former marriage, chased the girl with a knife, drove her from home and threatened to kill her if she returned.  A restraining order to prevent Mrs. Mitchell from molesting her husband or his daughter, was requested by the plaintiff, but was denied in the circuit court by Judge Morrison.
          Cheney & Tolen are the attorneys for Mr. Mitchell.  The couple was married October 19, 1920 , and separated Monday of this week.  Allegations are made that Mrs. Mitchell cursed the plaintiff and threatened to kill him, that she had no love for him, wished he was dead and hated him.  Mr. Mitchell asserts that his daughter by a former marriage is fifteen years old and that she was driven from the house by the defendant who beat her and pursued her with a knife, threatened to kill the girl.
Contributed by Barb Huff

The  Daily  Democrat
Thursday, August 24, 1911
Page 4   column 2
          George Mitchell  spent today in Indianapolis, where he attended the national convention of the colored Knights of Pythias.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

A  Shelbyville  Newspaper
August 25, 1905
          George Mitchell, 28 years old, a farmer living near Geneva, lies at his home seriously if not fatally injured by a kick from a horse.  Mitchell was leading the animal through a gate into a pasture and had just slipped the halter from his head when it wheeled and kicked him with both feet, striking him squarely in the chest.
Submitted by Don T. Mitchell, grandson of  George Mitchell  (1877-1959) of Waldron, who gave up farming and became a carpenter and building contractor starting about 1908.

The  Shelbyville  Democrat
February 19, 1900
          “Squire William Mitchell, of Noble township, Friday received word from Higginsville, Missouri stating that his son, George Mitchell, had been kicked by a horse there and badly injured.  Mr. Mitchell came to this city today intending to leave at once for his son's bedside but after telegraphing, received word that the young man was much improved and he concluded to remain at home.  As soon as his son is able to start for home, Mr. Mitchell will have him do so.  The young man has been in the west for about two years.”
Submitted by Don T. Mitchell

The  Shelbyville  Daily  Democrat
May 19, 1899
Page 1
          Will Mitchell,  a well-known colored character, playfully struck at  Frank Roberts, colored, with a knife yesterday, and, Roberts throwing up his arm, so warded off the blow as to cause the blade of the knife to enter the left arm of Mitchell, to the bone.  His wound was dressed by Dr. T. C. Kennedy.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Butte  Weekly  Miner
March 16, 1899
          George Mitchell  of Shelbyville, Ind., accepted an offer from a crowd of saloon loungers at that place to pay him fifty cents if he would sit in the center of one of the main streets of the town for half an hour without coat or hat.  He won his fifty cents and died.  Thus he carried out the doctrine of the survival of the fittest.  His ending is a reminder of the remark of one of the coroners of Silver Bow county who was [the article evidently continues!]
Contributed by John Addison Ballard

The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday November 10, 1898
Page 4 column 6
          Through her attorney, John A. Tindall,  Matilda Mitchell  last week secured a divorce from  James O. Mitchell.  They reside in this city and plaintiff alleged “general cussedness” as cause of action.
Contributed by Barb Huff

The  Republican  Banner
 issue of June 9, 1859
FIRE--The dwelling house of  Paul Mitchell  of Washington township was destroyed by fire on Sunday night last.  It had been lived in for [nearly] 30 years ... by Mr. Mitchell and wife ...
Submitted by Don T. Mitchell, great great great grandson of Paul Mitchell (1792-1867) and wife, Elizabeth Coleman  (1801-1890), who settled in eastern Washington (then Noble) Twp., Shelby Co. in 1831, coming from Gallatin (now Carroll) Co., Kentucky.  Third son  Hardin D. 'Hardy' Mitchell  ( 1831-1923) was their first child to be born in Indiana.

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