The  Shelbyville  Democrat
Monday, September 2, 1907
Jury  Found  Boy  Not  Guilty  of  Having  Seine  in  His  Possession.
          On the second ballot Saturday afternoon the jury in the case of the state against  John Moran  found the defendant not guilty.  He was charged with having in his possession a seine larger that is permitted by the present unpopular fish laws.
          Isaac Schafer, of Moral township, testified that he was going along the banks of Sugar creek and saw Moran standing near a seine.  He asked him what he was doing and the boy answered that some men had given him a dollar to go to the stream, see that the seine was dried, rolled up, placed in a sack and left at the place where found.  Schafer went to Justice Madison and secured a permit to take the seine.  It was put in the custody of the justice, who turned it over to the state fish and game authorities.  Chief Deputy Fish Commissioner Paulzell  was here Saturday.
         The boy's testimony did not conflict with that of Mr. Schafer.  He said he did not know the men who had given him the dollar to look after the seine, but supposed they were from Indianapolis.  He testified that he had not touched the seine and was merely standing by it when Schafer arrived.  Attorney John Walker  represented Moran, while  Prosecutor Hack  looked after the state's interests.
          The first ballot of the jury showed eleven for acquittal and one for conviction.  The second showed a unanimous agreement that the defendant be discharged.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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