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The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday, July 17, 1919
          Mrs. Ida M. Morgan,  of this city, has filed suit in Circuit Court against  John Morgan  asking for a divorce and the custody of their two children,  Mary  aged 15 and  Josephine  aged 10 years.  Wray and Sullivan are attorneys for the plaintiff.
          The couple was married Sept. 10, 1893, and the separation occured Sept 17, 1916.  The plaintiff alleges that on the date of separation the defendant struck and beat her and then abandoned the family.
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The  Shelby  Democrat
January 18, 1916
Page 8   column 1
Leo Morgan Had Terrifying Experi-
ence as He Was Going to His
Home Near Fair Ground.
(From Tuesday's Daily.)
          Leo Morgan,  the well-known insurance agent of this city, suffered in an accident last evening as he was going to his home near the south gate of the fair ground, which he does not care to repeat at any time in the future.
          It had been Mr. Morgan's custom to take the "back" way to get to his home, going back of the canning factory and crossing Little Blue river over a bridge which he and his father had constructed there.  The high waters of the past few days washed the bridge away and Mr. Morgan attempted to cross the river on the ice.
          Near the middle of the stream the ice was thin and broke under the weight, letting mr. Morgan down into several feet of icy water.  By chance some men were passing by at the time and secured a rope which they threw to him and succeeded in getting him safely to land.
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The  Shelby  Republican
January 18, 1871
Page 4   column 1
S H E R I F F ' S     S A L E ,
          By virtue of an Execution to me directed from the Clerks office of the Shelby Circuit Court, I will offer for sale at Public Auction, to the highest bidder, on
Saturday, the 28th day of January, 1871,  Between the hours of 10 o'clock A.M. and 4 o'clock P.M. of said day, at the door of the Court House of Shelby County, Indiana, the rents and profits for a term not exceeding seven years of the following described Real Estate, to-wit:
          Thirty-two (32) acres of land within the following bounderies:  Commencing at the South east corner of the North-west quarter of the North west quarter of section eleven, (11), in township thirteen, (13), Range five, (5), East, and running fifty-four (54) rods West, thence North supposed to be one hundred and fifty-seven and one-hafl, (157-1/2) rods; thence East twenty (20) rods, thence South supposed to be sixty-one and one-half (61-1/2) rods, to the place of beginning.
          And if such rents and profits will not sell for a sufficient sum to satisfy siad Judgment, interest and costs, I will, at the same time and place, offer for sale at Public Auction to the highest bidder, subject to all the incumbrances upon the same, the fee simple of said Real Estate, or so much thereof as may be sufficient to satisfy said Judgment, interest and costs.
          Taken as the property of  Alfred W. Morgan and  Louisa Morgan,  at the suit of  Polly Hopper.
          Said sale will be made without relief from valuation or appraisement laws.
ITHAMAR   SPURLIN, Sheriff Shelby County.
          Dec. 28th, 1870
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The  Shelby  Union  Banner
July 21, 1864
Page 2, col 6
The Shelby

W O O L E N   F A C T O R Y !
One Mile West of Shelbyville, Indiana

The Highest Market Price
W O O L .

jy 14-tf

The  Shelby  Union  Banner
March 24, 1864
         AUCTIONEER. --- Green B. Morgan, Esq., of London, Indiana, is a licensed auctioneer for this county and district.  All persons desirous of the services of a reliable man can depend on Mr. Morgan.  See advertisement in another column.
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A  Shelby  County  Newspaper
August/September, 1847
          THE  Subscriber offers the Farm for sale, on which he now resides, situated 5 miles from Shelbyville, on the county road leading from the Michigan Road to Copeland's Mill on Flat Rock -- containing 160 acres, between 60 and 70 improved.  A good hewn log house, an apple and peach orchard, on the premises.  Persons desiring to secure a good bargain will please apply to
              Living on the premises.
Sept. 3d, 1847.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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