The  Shelbyville  Daily  Democrat
Tuesday May 24, 1910
Robert Mullen Accused His Wife of
Being High-Tempered, Scornful and Indifferent
Says He Bore Everything For The Sake Of Their Child,
But Finally Had To Leave Home
          Petulant, irritable, high-tempered, cold, scornful and indifferent are terms applied to his wife  [Ida Bell]  by  Robert Mullen  in a complaint for divorce filed in Shelby Circuit court this afternoon.  The plaintiff states that his helpmeet often told him she cared nothing for him and that he could leave her at any time he pleased, as she merely wanted a living and he would be compelled to provide that much for her.  According to the complaint she would become angry without any cause and while in that condition would curse the plaintiff and beat their only child.  The plaintiff alleges that the defendant also persisted in accusing him of having immoral relations with other women and that she declared she would not try to save any money for him as he would spend it on his "affinities."  He states that when she was not enraged in these almost ceaseless tirades she would often petulantly refuse to speak to him.  All these things the plaintiff endured for the sake of his child,  Stanley, aged eight years, but he finally came to the conclusion that forbearance had ceased to be a virtue and now asks for a divorce and the custody of the child.
          The complaint sets forth that the couple were married July 3, 1901, and lived together until May 23, 1910.  They resided for several years at 87 east Locust street.  The plaintiff alleges in his complaint that his wife told a number of his neighbors in that vicinity that he was associating with women of immoral character and made other statements of a like nature knowing all of them to be false.  He sets forth that on the day of the separation she pointedly accused him of buying clothes for one Mrs. Hutchins and of having had illicit relations with her.  He says that often she swore and cursed in the presence of the boy, Stanley, and asserts that she is not a fit person to be placed in charge of the child.  M. O. Sullivan is the plaintiff’s attorney.
Contributed by Barb Huff

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