The  Elkhart  Daily  Review
Elkhart, Elkhart County, Indiana
December 26, 1907
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Gold Was There and the Old Man
 Knew What He Was Talking About.
          Shelbyville, Ind., Dec. 26.--The next time  Daniel Oldham  has a revelation to make, his son, Martin,  probably will not deride it as a pipe dream.  The father, who is an old man, recently asked the son to go with him and dig up $750 in gold, which he said was on the farm of  Hugh McFadden  in Sugar Creek township, but the son smiled significantly and intimated that the story was a vagary.
          The son went to Franklin later and the old man persuaded the grandson  Charles  to accompany him.  No one was at home at the  McFadden  farm, and  Oldham  asked the grandson to get a shovel and follow him. He did as requested, and they then went to the north side of the house, under a tree in the orchard. The boy was requested to dig in a certain spot to a depth of two feet.  He did so, when his shovel struck and old kettle. It was pulled from the ground and a tin box taken from it.  When the box was opened it was found to contain $750 in gold.
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