The  Shelbyville  Republican
Thursday February 16, 1911
Page 1,  column 3
Leaves Most Of His Estate Of $15,000
to John Padrick McCarty,
Who Resides In Chicago, Illinois
Daughter of The Late Mrs. Lettie Owen-Rodecker
Gets $50 And a Few Articles
Relatives Remembered
          By the terms of the will of the late  John W. Padrick, which was probated this morning with County Clerk Coyle, John Padrick McCarty, of Chicago, is bequeathed the greater part of the Padrick estate, which consists of several pieces of property in this city, valued at least $15,000.
          The will requires that all just debts be paid out of the estate and that he be buried at the side of his wife, who died a year ago.  A monument to cost $120 is to be placed on their graves.
          To his cousin, Mrs. Mary Borden, is bequeathed the bureau, wash stand, folding bed ad bedding complete.  The children of Mrs. Borden are also remembered in the will.  Mabel Borden  gets a mirror and wash stand left the deceased by his mother, and also $50.  May Borden gets $50 and  Harold Borden  gets $50.
          To  Rhoda Kaser  a gold watch and chain and his motherís and fatherís pictures and $50 are left.
          Grace Bonton, of Indianapolis, a daughter of the late  Mrs. Lettie Rhodecker, who was recently killed by being run over by an automobile, in Indianapolis, is bequeathed a parlor lamp, five-oíclock ten, book case, dishes and contents and $50.
          The balance of the states is left to John Padrick McCarty.
          Robert T. Stewart  has been named as executor of the will.  The instrument was drawn up January 16, 1911, and was witnessed by Walter C. McFadden and Harry O. Hall.
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The   Shelby  Democrat
Thursday, November 27, 1879
Page 3,  column 1
          Daniel Padrick, who lives in Sugar Creek township, was given a surprise dinner on last Sunday in honor of his eighty-second birthday.  Mr. Padrick came to Shelby county in 1835 where he has been engaged in agricultural pursuits ever since.  He has been married four times and is the father of twenty children.  Mr. O. D. Padrick, of this city, is one of his children, and was present to engage in the festivities on last Sunday.
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