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Pearce - Pierce

The  Daily  Democrat
Thursday, August 24, 1911
Page 4   column 4
          The marriage of  Mr. Gaylord Goodrich  and  Miss Bess Ann Pierce,  to whom license was issued yesterday, was solemnized last evening, the ceremony being performed at seven o'clock by  Rev. G. M. Smith  at the minister's home on west Mechanic street.  The couple drove to the city in a buggy and while they were in the minister's home the rig was hidden.  When the couple emerged later they were treated to the numerous indignities that relatives and friends of young married people still persist in calling fun.  The bridegroom is a son of  Mr. and Mrs. Frank Goodrich,  north of the city, and the bride is a daughter of  Joseph C. Pierce,  of Johnson county.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelby  Democrat
May 12, 1892
Rushville's Big Conflagration
Last Night Destroyed
          Rushville, Ind., May 4 --Rushville was visited by the most destructive fire in her history to-night.  At 11 o'clock fire was discovered in the engine room of  Foutz & Moffett's planing-mill and in a few minutes the entire structure was in flames.  The fire spread across the street to Innis, Pearce & Co.'s furniture factory, and both establishments were soon in ruins.  From there it went in all directions and is still raging, although partially under control.  Help was telegraphed for from Indianapolis, and one engine with a hose wagon arrived at 12:40.  The following is a partial list of the losses.
          Innis Pearce & Co., $80,000, with $16,000 insurance.  Foutz & Moffett, $8,000; no insurance.  Mary Winston, residence, $3,000; $1,750 insurance.   Residence of  J. H. Carr, $3,000; $500 insurance.  Residence occupied by Hugh Lane, $1,000; no insurance.  M. Simms' residence, damaged $500; fully insured.
          At 1 o'clock the fire was confined to the lumber-yards, but it was feared that it would spread further.  One hundred and sixty men will be thrown out of work, and the loss is an almost irreparable one to Rushville.  Innis, Pearce & Co., will hardly rebuild, [the article continues]
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelby  Republican
Thursday, July 27, 1876
Page 3   column 2
          Mrs. Capt. Pearce,  who has been dangerously sick for some time has so far recovered as to be considered out of danger.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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