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The Shelbyville Republican
Wednesday December 23, 1925
KEPT  HIS  WIFE        
        OUT  IN  COUNTRY
Mrs. Lillie Peck, Of this City,
Asks For Divorce
And $1000 Alimony
HUSBAND  IN        
          Mrs. Lillie D. Peck,  of this city, who gives her occupation as that of house-keeper and taxi-cab driver, has filed a complaint for a divorce against  Wilbur D. Peck,  in the Shelby Circuit Court.  She asks for the custody of their son; for $15 a week for the support of the boy, and for $1,000 alimony.  McDaniel and Myers are attorneys for the plaintiff.
          Mr. and Mrs. Peck were married in March 1902, and separated July 6, 1922.  Mrs. Peck formerly lived in Rush county.  She charges that her husband abandoned her.  The wife says that her husband is fifty years old, that he makes $50 a week, and lives in a palatial apartment in the Spink-Arms hotel, at Indianapolis.  She states that he has diamonds and an automobile valued at more than $1,000.
          Mrs. Peck states that her husband failed to provide, and that he refused to provide a home for her and their two children other than a house in the country some distance from any town.  The house she states, was on her fatherís farm, and was provided by his father.  The plaintiff asserts that she supported herself and the two children by her own work, and that she cared for cows, chickens and a garden in order to obtain money.  The wife states her husband was away from their home most of the time, and that when he did return was cross and quarrelsome.  The treatment, she says, continued for eight years.  On the day of their final separation her husband called her on the telephone and told her that he would not live with her longer.
Contributed by Barb Huff

The  Shelbyville  Republican
Monday Afternoon, January 19, 1914.
Page 1   column 5
Mrs. Joe Peck Fell From
Kitchen Door, Breaking
Right Wrist and Disloca-
ting Left Wrist.
          Mrs. Joseph Peck  one of the older residents of Blue Ridge, was the victim of a serious accident at eleven o'clock today.  Mrs. Peck, who had been washing, went to the door to empty a bucket of water.  She slipped and fell on the wet floor.  In an effort to save herself she struck the ground on her hands.  The ulna in her right wrist snapped and her left wrist was dislocated.  Her screams brought the assistance of her husband, who carried her into the house.  Dr. Inlow was called and dressed the injured wrists.  Mrs. Peck will be seventy-one years old next month.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelbyville  Democrat
June 9, 1904
Page 4   column 2
          The pupils of  Miss Florence Peck  will give a recital at the First Christian church Friday evening.  A large number of guests have been invited and a very extensive and select program has been prepared.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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