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The  Shelbyville  News
Wednesday, December 14, 1949
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Sugar Creed Club
Officers Installed
          Miss Ambie Peters,  home demonstration agent, installed officers of the Sugar Creek township Home Economics Club at an all-day meeting held at the Boggstown Presbyterian Church Tuesday.
          Mrs. Herbert Wheatley  is president of the group and others to serve during 1950 are  Mrs. Leona White,  Mrs. Meredith Johnson  and  Mrs. George Vories,  respective vice-president, secretary-treasurer and publicity chairman.  A $2.00 Health Bond was purchased by the club.
          A pitch-in luncheon preceded the meeting and mystery pals were revealed with gifts and there was a general gift exchange.  The program consisted of selections by the chorus and a quartet from the Boggstown school.
          Hostesses for the meeting were  Mesdames Ralph Carson,  Ada Updegraff,  Harry Holton,  Gilbert Hoop,  Shirley Richardson  and  Leona White.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelbyville  Democrat
Monday, August 26, 1918
Page 1   column 6
          Prof. Warren S. Peters,  who has been spending the past three weeks at Indian Lake, O., on his vacation, returned to the city Sunday.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelbyville  Democrat
June 15, 1904
Page 3   column 2
          Dr. F. E. Ray  reports a son born to  Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Peters  of Marion township Tuesday evening.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Indianapolis  Star
July 4, 1915
Page 29   Column 6
          Prof. Warren S. Peters  has gone to New York city to visit his sister,  Miss Ethel Peters,  and to spend six weeks at Columbia University.
Contributed by Virginia Latta Curulla

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