The  Shelbyville  Democrat
Thursday June 4, 1914
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Under Will of Mrs. Sallie Peterson, Admitted to Probate Today
Provision Made for Paying the Expenses of the
Last Sickness and Funeral of a Brother, John Groll—Other Bequests
          The will of the late Mrs. Sarah E. Peterson, of Waldron, was admitted to probate in circuit court today.  It disposes of an estate valued at $12,000, three sisters of the deceased being the chief beneficiaries under the will.  They are to have the residue of the estate in equal shares after the debts have been paid and some special bequests attended to.  The will was written May 9, 1914, by Senator Will A. Yarling and was witnessed by Mr. Yarling and Bella L. Watson.  The will mentions that Mr. Yarling is to be the attorney in settling the estate and the will was offered by him for probate.
          After providing for the payment of the debts of the estate the will directs that $400 shall be placed with the Shelbyville Trust Company, the income from $100 to be used to care for the burial lot of the testatrix in the Ogden cemetery, and the income and principal of the remainder to be devoted to paying the expenses of the last sickness and funeral of the testatrix’s brother, John Groll.  If there be any remainder it is to be divided equally among the three sisters.
          Special bequests are made in the will as follows:  To Albert Groll, the gold watch formerly owned by the husband of the testatrix, the late Jacob Peterson; to Elizabeth Grizzle, the old gold watch and the long gold chain; to Eliza Williams, the short gold chain and the green chain, a green pin and a cameo ring; to Katherine Hildreth, the small gold watch and beads and rose petals; to Robert Grizzle, a gold dollar; to Mary Katherine Hall, a gold dollar; to Stella Hall, the gold beads and cross; to Roy Nevis, the ring formerly owned by Jacob Peterson; to Harry Newton, the gold ring formerly owned by Margaret Newton; to Charles Bennett, the piano.
          After all these foregoing bequests have been satisfied the executor is expected to convert all the rest of the estate to cash and to divide it share and share alike to the three sisters, Mrs. Elizabeth Grizzle, Mrs. Eliza Williams and Mrs. Katherine Hildredth.  Dr. J. E. Keeling, of Waldron, is named as the executor.  The estate included real estate in Waldron and a dry goods and millinery stock in a store in that town that had been operated by Mrs. Peterson for a number of years.
Contributed by Barb Huff

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