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The  Shelbyville  News
Friday, October 8, 1948
          Chester  R. Phares,  administrator of the estate of  Ollie  M. Phares,  has filed his final report in settlement of the estate.  The hearing has been set for October 30.  Oscar L. Williams is attorney for the estate.
Submitted by Melinda Moore Weaver

The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday, October 10, 1935
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Mr. and Mrs. William Phares
          Mr. and Mrs. William H. Phares,  of 879 south Tompkins street, widely known residents of the community, will celebrate their sixty-first wedding anniversary tomorrow.
          Mrs. Phares was the daughter of  Mr. and Mrs. James M. Graham  and Mr. Phares was the son of  Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Phares.  Both were born and reared in Shelby county, where they have hundreds of friends.
          Mr. Phares is past eighty-five years of age and Mrs. Phares will be seventy-nine on November 9.  Both are in fairly good health.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  National  Volunteer
May 19, 1853
          Married - - - In Marion Township by the Rev. Mr. Phares,  John G. Gates of this place to  Sarah Monroney of that township.
Contributed by Sherry Ryan Badgley; abstracted by Maurice Holmes, in his book Shelby County, Indiana, Newspaper Excerpts 1853 - 1859

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