The  Shelbyville  Democrat
Tuesday, July 5, 1921
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Car Parked At Side of Road For Repair
Is Struck By Two Other Autos.
         Three persons were injured Sunday night in an automobile accident which occurred west of this city on the Boggstown pike, when the automobile driven by  Glen Poland, north of here, was struck by two other cars, as it was standing at the side of the road for the repair of a puncture.
          Mr. Poland was driving west on the pike when he was forced to stop at the side of the road on account of a puncture.  There was no tail-light on the machine and it could not be seen.  An automobile in which  Morris Miller,  Verlie Bass  and  Robert Hale  were riding, was close behind Mr. Poland, when he stopped and they were followed closely by the automobile in which  Lodus Kuhn,  Leo Bass  and  Raymond Murrel  were passengers, the men all being in the same party.  As the car driven by Mr. Miller approached the Poland car, another car passed going east on the road, and in going between the two cars, the automobile driven by Mr. Miller scraped the fender of the Poland car.  The second automobile, driven by Mr. Kuhn, however, crashed into the rear of the Poland car, the driver not having seen the car on account of the tail-light not burning.
          One wheel was torn off the Poland car and the auto driven by Mr. Kuhn was also damaged.  The second car was towed to this city, where Mr. Kuhn and Mr. Bass were given attention by Dr. F. E. Bass.  Young Kuhn suffered a fracture of the rib and Bass received a deep cut in the leg.  When the men left Poland he had informed the that he was not hurt, but when they returned to the scene of the accident they found him suffering great pain.  He had been struck in the abdomen by the fender of his own car.  Dr. Charles Tindall was called and after attending to the injury took the young man home. 
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

A  Shelbyville  Newspaper
August 13, 1908
          Four affidavits were filed in  Squire VanCleve's  court last night against  John Poland.  His charged with
[My copy stops here, but the article continues. - PMF]
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The  Shelbyville  Daily  Democrat
Monday December 24, 1906
          William Poland has filed a complaint for divorce from his wife, Mrs. Anna Poland. The allegation is that she abandoned him.
Contributed by Barb Huff

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