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The  Shelbyville  Democrat
Thursday, July 27, 1916
Twenty-Ninth Year  No. 70
Page 1
Thomas Campbell, A.B., A.M., Elected
Member of High School Faculty.
          Thomas Campbell, of Franklin, was chosen by the Shelbyville school board at a special meeting held this morning, to be the successor of  John Pruitt  as German and English teacher in the local high school.  Mr. Pruitt recently accepted a position in the schools at Detroit, Mich.
          Mr. Campbell got his bachelor of arts degree at Franklin College, Franklin, Ind., in 1914, and later was awarded his master of arts degree at Indiana University in 1915.  He comes with a splendid recommendation.
          The aspiring atheltes of the city will be glad to learn that he comes here with a big recommendation from Coach Thurber, of Franklin College.  This Thurber is the brother of the famous predecessor of Coach Shooks of the Little Giants, and knows college athletics from Alpha to Omega.  For Campbell to carry away a big boost from this Franklin athlete is worth something.  Campbell's record will speak for itself.  He was captain of the college basketball five during the school year 1912-1913.
          Basketball and baseball fans are looking forward to a winning season beginning next year, a season that will put Shelbyville high school on the map athletically.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Daily  Democrat
Thursday, August 24, 1911
Page 4   column 2
          Thomas Prewitt  spent today in the capital city, where he transacted business.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelby  Democrat
Weekly,  January 24, 1889
        ;  The large cattle barn belonging to  Alex. Pruitt, of Jackson tp., burned down Wednesday night with most of its contents, including seventy five tons of hay, and a large amount of wheat, feed meal, agricultural implements &c.  The loss is estimated at $9000.  Insured in the Ohio Farmers,  J. L. Showers, of this city, agent, as follows:  On barn, $3,000; on hay and grain, $2,000.  Mr. Pruitt also carried a $3,500 cyclone policy in the same company.  The barn was one hundred feet long and sixty feet wide with a basement under the whole building 8 feet deep with brick walls and cement floor.  The timbers from sill to eaves were 24 feet high.  The barn cost Mr. Pruitt close to $4,000.  The is the second barn belonging to Mr. Pruitt that has been destroyed fire on the same site, the first one burning in 1883, involving a loss of $6,000, on which he had an insurance of $4,000.  Thursday's issue of the Franklin Star says:
"The large frame barn of Alex Pruitt located near Edinburg burned down last night during the time the marriage ceremony of Mr. Pruitt's daughter was taking place.  This is the second barn on the same ground Mr. Pruitt has lost.  It was set on fire and the parties are suspected."
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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