Shelby  County,  Indiana
Newpaper  Reports  of

Real  Estate  Transfers

The Shelbyville Democrat
Tuesday, February 16, 1926
          Clara M. Richey  to  Louis H. Kuhn, lots 16 and 17 in Mapleton, $2500.
          Bertha Anderson  to  Tremon Hatton, lot 233 on Shelby St., in Industrial addition, $3500.
          W. S. Tucker  to  Betty E. Marsh, lots 45 and 46 in Tucker's addition to Waldron $112.
          Stacy E. Zell  to  Thomas Gobel, lot 83 on John street, Fletcher and McCarty addition, $3000.
          Frank R. Hale  et al to  Ernest R. Norris, lot 4 in Hale place $1.
          John R. Myers  to  James A. Emmert  part of lots 85 and 86 State street in Ray's addition $1.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday, April 22, 1915
Page 3   column 3
Wiley W. Means  to  Lora B. Pearson,  lot No. 18 on Locust St., Shelbyville ...$1000.00
Ernest A. Talbert  et us. to  Peter R. Reinhardt,  60 acres in Union Tp ... 8312.00
Forest Hill to  Deloris Barnes,  lot No. 150 in Forest Hill ... 134.50
Myrtie Conger  to  Willis C. Root  et al., lot No. 2 on Shelby St., Shelbyville ... 300.00
J. C. Davis,  Tp. Trustee, to  Charles B. Aldinn,  lot No. 4 in Fairland cemetery ... 25.00
Gilbert Williams  et us. to  Wilbur Bassett,  14 acres in Brandywine Tp ... 1750.00
John Adams  to  Nettie M. Lantz,  15-1/2 acres in Hendricks Tp ... 943.00
Harry Fischer  to  Woodville B. Kirk,  lot No. 13 on Miller St. Shelbyville ... 1500.00
Woodville B. Kirk  to  Harry and Anna Fischer,  lot No. 13 on Miller St., Shelbyville ... 1500.00
George Mook  et us. to  Sarah J. Grubb,  tract in Liberty Tp ... 900.00
Lena E. Trees  and husband to  Jehu Scott,  not No. 7 on Tompkins St., Shelbyville ... 800.00
Frank Gahimer  et ux. to  John Gahimer  et us., lot No. 9 in Cythiana[sic] ... 600.00
Nettie M. Lantz  and husband to  John Adams,  5 acres in Shelby Tp. ... 1.00
Buena McNeely  to  William H. Acre,  102 acres in Liberty Tp. ... 9000.00
Frank W. Fagel,  auditor, to  Clara Belle Hatton,  1-100 acre in Noble Tp. ... 2.52
Wilson Cochran  to  Flora B. Fateley,  lot No. 122 in Flat Rock cemetery ... 17.50
Nelson Chapman  to  George A. Beard  et ux., tract on Hendricks St., Shelbyville ... 1450.00
Caroline Favorite  et al. to  Ida M. Favorite,  lot No. 9 and pt. lots Nos. 7-11 on Colescott St., Shelbyville ... 4000.00
Thaddeus D. Lewis  et ux. to  David Maple  lot No. 9 in Maple's addition, Waldron ... 110.00
Federal Land Co. to  Henry F. Bruner,  lot No. 33 in Mapleton ... 148.00
Forest Hill to  David E. Carmony,  lot No. 186 in Forest Hill ... 218.50
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelby  Democrat
April 3, 1913
Page 5 Column 4
Real Estate Transfers.
          John Hoop,  exr. to  Gilbert Hartness,  25 acres in Addison townhsip, $3,500.
          Shedrick Anders  to  C. F. Schmoe Furniture Co., lot No. 2 of Hamilton St., Shelbyville, $1,000.
          George B. Haymond,  com., to  Thomas J. McCain,  20 acres in Liberty township, $9,150.
          George B. Haymond,  com., to  Kansas B. Haymond  20 acres in Liberty township, $4,800.
          Asbury Cemetery Co. to  Cerinda E. Clark,  lot No. 24 in Asbury cemetery.
          Byron L. Pfendler,  gdr., to  Edward Murnan  et al., 83 64-100 acres in Moral township, $1,400.
          Harry C. Goodrich,  admr., to  Martin Archibald  lot No. 18 on Pennsylvania St., Shelbyville, $825.
          Valentine Schoelch,  admr., to  Joseph C. Baxter,  lots Nos. 6-7 on Fair Ave., Shelbyville, $1,100.
          Valentine Schoelch,  admr., to  Clarence Henry,  lot No. 10 on Fair Ave., Shelbyville, $700.
          Valentine Schoelch,  admr., to  Harry Winton  etal., lot No. 8 on Fair Ave., Shelbyville, $625.
          Danville Trust Co., trustee, to  Anna Grobel,  lot No. 10 in  Carry D. Sims  addition, Shelbyville, $11.15.
          Edward J. Clark  et ux. to  Joseph E. McCartney  tract in Addison township, $3,500.
          Henry S. Terry,  sheriff, to Union Building Assn., lots Nos. 2-4-8 on Gordon St., Shelbyville, $1,395.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelby  Democrat
April 6, 1911
Page 3 Column 2
Real Estate Transfers.
          Kendall M. Hord  et. ux. to  Luther J. Hord,  lot No. 25 on Franklin St., Shelbyville, $5,000.
          James E. Shaw  et. ux. to  Jacob Bruner  et. ux. part lot No. 7 on Miller St., Shelbyville, $3,200.
          Charles Thompson  et. ux. to  C. T. & Daisy Duffy,  part lots Nos. 7 and 8 on Franklin St., Shelbyville, $1,275.
          Forest Hill Cemetery to  Robert Bausback,  lots Nos. 72 and 74 in Forest Hill cemetery, $40.
          Tony Armstrong  to  John L. Means  12 acres in Moral township, $4,200.
          Sarah E. Smith  to  David Smith,  40 acres in Moral township, $4,916.
          Joseph N. Lee  et. ux. to  Joshua S. Alley,  7 acres in Liberty township, $1,000.
          Maria L. Payne  to  Wallace O. Isley  et. ux., lots Nos. 56 and 53 in Mt. Auburn, $500.
          Carrie E. Scott  and husband to  Frederick J. Wissing  et. us., lots No. 47 in Montgomery's 3rd addition, Shelbyville, $2,200.
          David E. Shelton  (executor) to  Edward Ray,  12 acres in Hanover township, $1,000.
          Flora Hughes  to  Ella Hendrickson,  5-1/2 acres in Washington township, 1/2 part, $750.
          Ella Hendrickson  to  Alonzo M. Treon,  34 68-100 acres in Washington township, 1/8 part, $433.50.
          Charles R. Davison  et. ux. to  Albert Davison,  46 80-100 acres in Hendricks township, $2,340.
          Joseph Schoentrup  et. us. to  Edith Davis,  lot No. 36 on McKenzie St., Shelbyville, $300.
          Edith Davis  to  Antoinetta M. Schoentrup,  lot No. 36 on McKenzie St., Shelbyville, $300.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelby  Republican
Friday, January 27, 1899
          James M. Carson  and wife to  John W. Carson, 50 acres Sugar Creek tp., $2,620.
          James M. Carson  and wife to  Alice C. Carson, 31-1/2 acres Sugar Creek tp., $1,638.
          Newton C. Gaunt  to  Ernest Gaunt, undi. 1/2 int. 27 acres Washington tp., $1,500.
          Duskey Benefield  and husb. to  Joseph H. Rice, 9-1/2 acres Union tp., $205.
          Anna M. Blackford  and husb. to Margaret Parcel, 5 acres Van Buren tp., $500.
          John W. Gordon  and wife to  Grant Parker, 80 acres Addison tp., $5,745.
          Belle Roth  and hus. to  Celia Crawford, lot No. 7, Franklin St., Shelbyville, $365.
          Arthur J. Thurston, assignee, to  Isaac N. Cooper, lot No. 4, Harrison St., Shelbyville, $2,400.
          Cyrenius Bishop  and wife to  Isaac N. Cooper, lot No. 4, Harrison St., Shelbyville, $1, 200.
          Simon R. Roberts  and wife to  Robert Smith, lots 43 and 44, Burnside St., Fairland, $700.
          Mary A. Deprez  to  Ernest Degelow, tract on Jackson St., Shelbyville, $600.
          B. A. Harding  and wife to  Thomas Fleming, pt lot No. 1, Polk St., Shelbyville, $2,000.
          Ann Pollitt  to  Lonsey L. Winters, lot 15, Evans st., Gwynneville, $60.
          H. C. Weaver  and wife to  Peter Bohlender, tract on Harrison st., city, $726.
          John Q. Oldham  and wife to  John J. Totten, 40 acres, Moral tp., $2,000.
          Milton P. Barger  and wife to  Frank W. Kinsley, 5-1/2 acres, Addison tp., $600.
          No. of deeds and mortgages for week ending Jan. 21, was 26, con. $35,173.30.
Copied by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelbyville  Democrat
February 10, 1898
Land and Property Trades Made
the Past Week in This County.
          Wm Cox et al. to Isabella Wasson, 83 acres, Washington township, $3,320.
          Peter Winterrowd et al. to George W. Winterrowd, 80 acres in Washington township, $2,400.
          George W. Winterrowd to Phoebe J. Beck 62 50-100 acres in Jackson township, $2,500.
          Samuel P. McCrea et al to Hannah Dugan, lot No. 73 on West st.,Shelbyville, $150.
          Barbara Schroeder, guardian to Jacob Schroeder, lot No. 11 on Harrison st., Shelbyville, $1,416.66.
          Barbara Schroeder et al to Jacob Schroeder, undivided 10-12 of lot No. 11 on Harrison st., Shelbyville, $7,083.
          Barbara Schroeder, guardian to Mary A. Schott, lot No. 11, Harrison st., Shelbyville, $1,83.34[sic].
          Mary A. Schott, undivided 10-12 of lot No. 11 on Harrison st., Shelbyville, $5,416.16.
          Katie J. Beck and husband to Gertrude Thomas, tract in Hendricks township, $200.
          Moses R. Gilmore to George Huntington, three tracts in Boggstown, $3,000.
          William Cooper and wife to Frederick W. Kendall, 70 acres in Hendricks township, $2,300.
Copied by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelbyville  Daily  Democrat
Tuesday, November 17, 1896.
Page 1
          William A. Powell  and wife to  Henry D. Anderson,  37 acres in Liberty township, $1,700.
          Robert J. Holbrook  and wife to  Charles S. Benefield,  80 acres in Union township, $4,000.
          John B. Cochran  and wife to  Belle R. Miller, lot No. 14,  Broadway st., city, $900.
          Daniel Deprez, assignee, to  Belle R. Miller, lot No. 14,  Broadway st., City, $1,000.
          Charles Lewis  et al., to  Thaddeus D. Lewis, lot No. 13, Waldron, $120.
          Thaddeus D. Lewis  and wife to  Sarah A. Corwin,  lot 13, Waldron, $350.
          Nimrod T. Adams  and wife to  James W. Adams, 6 2-3 acres in Hanover township, $300.
          James W. Adams  et al., to  Nimrod T. Adams,  3 1-3 acres in Hanover township, $150.
          Nimrod T. Adams  et al., to  James w. Adams, 3 1-2 acres in Hanover township, $150.
          Morton Nave and wife to  Joshua Enos, 96 acres in Addison township, $4,500.
          Eliza Ann Williams to  Oscar Willliams  and wife, lot on Taylor st., city, $350.
          Frances Winterberg and wife to  Harry Long,  200 acres in Jackson township, $9,000.
          Philip Gephart and wife to  Thomas C. Wilcoxen  and wife, lot No. 12, Chestut st., Fairland, $475.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelby  Democrat
July 18, 1895
Those Who Have Been Buying and Selling Real Estate Recently in Shelby County.
          Frank R. Hals to Warren Good, lot on Locust st., Shelbyville.     $1,000.
          William A. Powell to Curtis Gunn, lot 53 and 54 Miller ave., Shelbyville,    $900.
          Horace Montgomery et. al. to Eugenia D. Cory, lot 5 and part lot 6, Mechanic st., Shelbyville,    $600.
          John C. Deiwert to Wertz & Young, lot in Flat Rock,    $175.
          Fred L. Bellman to Frank Borger, lot on Taylor st., Shelbyville,    $2,000.
          J. R. Keeling and wife to Sulphur Hill Lodge K. of  P., lot 20 in Geneva,    $500.
          Fred L. Bellman to Caroline Yearling and husband, part lot 12, Broadway-st., city,    $4,500.
          John N. Clark to Frank Glabb, lot 20 on Taylor st., Shelbyville,    $1,100.
          Della E. Hardebeck to Thomas Miller, 32 acres in Liberty township,    $1,600.
          Number of deeds and mortgages executed for the week ending July 18, 1895, 33.     Consideration, $32,475.
Copied by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelby  Republican
Thursday, March 2, 1893
          Sarah E. Hedge and husband to Sarah J. Holmes, lot 10, Main street, Fairland, $110.
          W. E. Teal to O. W. Cotton, lot 35, tompkins St., city, $375.
          Ida M. Henry to Horace Montgomery, lot 73, West St., city, $850.
          Wellington Spurlin to John E. Hupp, lot 100, Montgomery St., city, $300.
          Jonathan Tennant to W. E. Teal, pt lot 4, N Harrison St., city, $3,500.
          Ora C. Jones et al to Henry C. Jones, 30  51-100 acres in Liberty tp., $850.
          George W. Coleman to Catherine Holmes, lot 39 Burnisde street, Fairland, $140.
          Melissa Brooks to Robert H. Smith and wife, 50 acres in Noble township, $2,250.
          Lola Thompson to Fannie B. Tracy, 13 acres in Hanover Township, $500.
          George A. Goodrich et al to Thomas E. Goodrich, lot 28 on Taylor street, city, $1250.
          Frank F. Whetsel to L. E. McDonald, lot 37 in Morristown, $1.
          L. E. McDonald to Lincoln Cole, pt. lot 15 in Morristown, $300.
          Samuel Foust and wife to  Hiram B. Cole, lot 1 in Morristown, $350.
          Sarah Solomon et al to  Jacob C. Scudder, 9 acres in Noble township, $600.
          Alfred Jordon and wife to  William M. Jordon, 12 acres in Brandywine township, $800.
          George W. Scott to  Clara I. Scott, 24  75-100 acres in Jackson township, $650.
          Esther Thopy and husband to  Joseph F. Henricks, 38 acres in Shelby township, $2,500.
          Joseph F. Henricks to  Esther Thopy, 45 acres in Wahington township, $2,500.
          Number of deeds and mortgages executed for the week ending February 25, 1893, 31; consideration, $49,466 73-100.
Copied by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelby  Democrat
December 15, 1892
Page 2
Real Estate Transfers.
          Emma Hamilton  to  Elma E. Barbour,  lot 92 on Center st., city, $275.
          Corinda Bishop  to  Elias C. Bishop,  30 acres in Brandywine township, $1,000.
          Marshall H. Crane  to  Permelia Wolf,  lot on West st., city, $1,500.
          Aurelius M. Myers  to  Mary E. Nail,  lot on St. Mary's st., city, $1,300.
          Joseph R. Sleeth  to  Quincy Johnson,  lot 29 in Morristown, $700.
          Hester A. Young  and husband to  John H. Phillips,  lot on South Harrison st., city, $5,500.
          Horace Montgomery  et al to  Charles Gaunt,  lot 18 on Mechanic ave., city, $500.
          John S. Dobbins  et al to  George Zimmerman,  lot 4, Habig's addition, city, $300.
          Carey J. Phares  and wife to  Frances A. Ash,  lot 35, South st., city, $100.
          W. Harvey Smith  to  John Wickliff,  8 acres in Hanover township, $160.
          Joseph Habig  to  Robert Smith,  lot No. 10, on Washington ave., city, $300.
          Number of deeds and mortgages executed for the week ending December 10, 1892 -- 23; total consideration, $25,875.93
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelbyville  Daily  Democrat
Tuesday, October 8, 1889
Page 1
Real  Estate  Transfers.
          Joseph Fately's  estate to  N. W. McKnight,  40 acres in Washington township, $2,000.
          Adolph Richter  to  Elida Bishop,  2 lots in Fairland, $300.
          John M. Gray  to  Clarinda Bishop,  lot in Fairland, $675.
          Thomas G. Randall  to  Leonidas Gordon,  32 acres in Marion township, $950.
          Cyrus M. Youngs  to  James D. Swain,  40 acres in Hanover township, $1,500.
          H. M. Stephen  to  J. G. Perry,  5 lots in London, $900.
          Hiram J. Drake  to  Allen Thomas,  lot in Shelbyville, $500.
          E. P. Jewett  to  Barbara E. Updike,  lot in Shelbyville, $550.
          Matilda House  to  Jonathan Tenant,  2 lots in Shelbyville, $2,300.
          Henry Meer  to  Elizabeth Miller, lot in Shelbyville, $1,025.
          C. L. McGuire  to  J. K. Fessler,  lot in Shelbyville, $450.
          Rufus Pendelton  to  John Mohr,  35 acres in Jackson township, $1,700.
          E. P. Jewett  to Shelbyville Investment Co., lot in Shelbyville, $1,232.
          Mary V. Higgins  et al. to  Charles and   H. C. Morrison,  3 lots in Shelbyville, $830.
          Mary E. Drake  to  Allen Thomas,  lot in Shelbyville, $1,000.
          Jeremiah V. Williams  to  W. M. Pearson,  20 acres in Van Buren township, $800.
          K. Perry,  by admr., to  Charles Hugle,  lot in Shelbyville, $700.
          Number of mortgages executed for the week ending Oct. 5, 1889, 22; consideration, $11,648.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelby  Democrat
January 24, 1889
            J. G. Wolf  to  W. E. Wagoner,  lot in Morristown, $50.
            E. L. Piatt  to  Geo. W. Scott,  39 acres in Hendricks township, $1,408.
            Eliza E. Thompson  to  William Worland,  14 acres in Washington township, $600.
            Hester A. Ludlow  to  G. W. Thurston,  lot in Shelbyville, $275.
            George W. Higgins  to  John L. Wheeler,  lot in Shelbyville, $2,000.
            Samuel A. Kennedy  to  John A. Youngman,  12 acres in Washington township, $700.
            Estate of  James Campbell  by com, to  Dora Goodrich, 31 acres in Addison township, $2,170.
            Sheldon Waggoner  to  Marshall Waggoner, 66 acres in Liberty township, $4,700.
            Marshall Waggoner  to  Sheldon Waggoner, 2 lots in London, $2,000.
        William L. Mason  to  John J. Totten, 40 acres in Brandywine township, $1,700.
            Number of mortgages executed for the week ending January 19, 1889, 17.  Considerat, $11,827.45.
            Joshua Pratt  to  James W. Roberts, part lot 31 in Morristown, $500.
            Lewis W. Howery  to  Mary Corwin,  tract on Hendricks street, Shelbyville, $2,000.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelbyville  Daily  Democrat
Wednesday, January 20, 1886
          Samuel H. Yager  to  Jacob Wendling,  lot No. 7 in Yager's add. to Cynthianna cemetery ..... $5.00.
          Joseph Winterrowd  by Com'r., to  Mary Hale, 5 acres in Addison tp. ..... 1,300.00.
          David Young  to  Lorenzo Powell, 80 acres in Hanover tp. ..... 5,060.00.
          Abraham J. Hull [Hall?]  to  John S. Hand [?],  lot No. 8 in Johnson's 1st add. to Morristown ..... 300.00.
          Wm. H. Nugent  to  Ester Thopy,  38 acres in Shelby tp. ..... 2,300.00.
          H. C. Morrison  to  Sarah J. Irish,  lot No. 5 and part of 4 on South street, Shelbyville ..... 2,500.00.
          Ida M. Weidner  to  George W. Mount,  undivided 1/[?] of 11 acres in Noble township ..... 60.00.
          James Sykes  to  James M. Sleeth,  west 1/2 of lot No. 3 on Broadway street, Shelbyville ..... 2,000.00.
          James M. Sleeth  to  James Sykes,  west 1/2 of lot No. 2 on Broadway street, Shelbyville ..... 2,000.00.
          George W. Thompson  to  Sarah E. Thompson,  north 1/2 of lot No. 7 on Colescott st., Shelbyville ..... 600.00.
          John Nail  to  Lilly May,  80 acres in Washington tp. ..... !,200.00.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelbyville  Weekly  Volunteer
Thursday, October 30, 1879
Deeds left for record in the Recorder's office for the week ending Tuesday, October 28, 1879.
          J. F. Mount et al to  J and E Wasson; 40 acres in Noble Tp---$1,400
          W. W. Aspy, guardian, to  T. A. and P. J. Shore; 23 acres in Washington Tp---$1,000.
          Wm. A. McClain to  L. S. and S. Bass; 10, 12-100 acres in Hendricks Tp---$500.
          G. W. Crum to  Henry C. Smith; 29, 66-100 acres in Moral Tp---$1,200.
          George E. Kent to  J. M. Elliott; 65, 66-100 acres in Addison Tp---$3,000
          Loretta Cory et al to  Albert McCorkle; part of lot No. 1 on Broadway Street, in Shelbyville---$425.
          Albert McCorkle, sheriff, to  Mary Arnold; 6-1/2 acres in Noble Tp---$74.53.
          Albert McCorkle, sheriff, to  W. E. Teal; 14 acres in Addison Tp---$1,644.
          James A. Scott to  John Messick; 99 acres in Hanover Tp---$3,500.
          James A. Owens to  Thomas Linville; 20 acres in Van Buren Tp---$700.
          Wm. L. Lindsey to  Mary E. Smiley; lot No. 13 in Johnson's Addition to Morristown---$30.
          J. H. Holten to  John Holten; 24-1/4 acres in Sugar Creek Tp---$970.
          Jacob Rothenberger to  Thomas Shipp; lots No. 11 and 12 in Davis Addition to Morristown---$260.
Copied by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelby  Democrat
February 13, 1879
          The following deeds were recorded in the office of the Recorder of Shelby county, to Feb. 8, 1879:
          Jesse Cherry et al. to  Thos. J. John, 45 acres in Addison township.     $2,000.00.
          Elizabeth George, by the Sheriff, to  Chas. W. Cheney, lot 6 on South street in the city of Shelbyville.     $269.12.
          M. F. and H. J. Powell to  John H. Newton, the east half of lot No. 16 on Mechanic street in the city of Shelbyville.     $800.00.
          John Hendrickson to  John C. Blades, 33 and 33-100 acres in Noble township.     $1,155.00.
          Wm. H. Crane to  Allen Creed, 21 and 28-100 acres in Van Buren township.     $725.00.
          Abigail Hester to  Ephraim W. Hester, 34 acres in Union township.     $1,300.00.
          L. B. P. Buckland, by administrator, to  Wm. H. Aikin, lots No. 24, 25, 26 and 27 in Norristown.     $300.00.
          Wm. H. Aikin to  John A. Anderson, lots No. 24, 25, 26 and 27 in Norristown     $300.00.
          Susannah Baner to  Henry Doble, 71 acres in Addison township     $4,500.00.
          Z. B. Butt to  Alice B. Graham, 5 acres in Hanover township     $400.00.
          Jacob Fately to  David A. Fately, 10 and 43-100 acres in Washington township.     $400.00.
          W. F. Green to  Levi Bookwalter, part of lot No. 8 on Mechanic street in Shelbyville.     $1,800.00.
          James A. Favor to  Thos. Tevis, lot No. 5 in St. Paul.     $316.00.
          Wm. T. Carney to  John M. Engle, 10 acres in Van Buren township.     $333.00.
          S. W. Hester et al. to  John M. Hester, 9 acres in Marion township.     $450.00.
          Marcus Schoelmahl, as guardian to Malinda Becker, lots No. 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 and part of lot 7 in Marietta.     $350.00.
          John M. Engle to  Wm. T. Carney, 10 acres in Van Buren township.     $333.00.
          August Deprez to  Andrew R. Sleeth, lot No. 4 in Marion.     $700.00
          John S. Ferris, commissioner, to J. W. Vannoy, lot No. 7 on South street in Shelbyville.     $150.00.
          Jonah M. Dugan to  Chas. H. Simpson, lots 14 and 15 in Smithland.     $115.00.
          Wm. J. Lee at al. to  James Sparks, 11 and 65-100 acres in Addison township.     $1,200.00
          Jas. N. Lee to  David A. Lee, 40 acres in Washington township.     $1,000.00
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelby  Republican
Thursday, April 18, 1878
Page 3   column 3
          The following are the Transfers of Real Estate as reported to the Auditor since our last publication:
          C. C. Dake  to  Benjamin Dake  76 acres in Moral tp. $150.
          James B. Gunning  to  Union tp., .34 of an acre $10.
          Hiram A. Cotton  to  Union tp. .12 of an acre $33.53.
          Thos. A. Cotton  to Union tp. .50 of an acre in Union tp. $50.
          James V. Williams  to  William A. Williams 13.75 acres in Brandywine tp. $550.
          Jacob Howry  to  Malinda J. Oldham  20 acres in Van Buren tp. $800.
          Jas. C. Hart  to  Alfred S. Tuckek [Tucker?] 160 acres in Hanover tp. $10,000.
          Jacob Howrey  to  Rebecca Cook  20 acres in Moral tp., $800.
          J. F. Linville  to  O'Brien Guynne  70 acres in Hanover tp. $3,000.
          Jacob Mahley  to  Wm. H. & M. Barlow  lots No. 1, 2, 3 & 4 in Mt. Auburn  $1,300.
          A. D. Pollett  to  B. D. Barnard  2 acres in Hanover tp. $250.
          Andrew Wallace  to  James M. Wallace  Lots No. 17 and the west half of 18 on Mechanic and no 38 on Pennsylvania st, in city of Shelbyville $1,500.
          Robt Pearson  to  Wm. Webster  et al part of Lots No. 83, 84, 87 & 88 in the City of Shelbyville $818.34.
          W. A. Cremeans  to  James B. Coffin,  2 acres in Hanover township, $200.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelbyville  Volunteer
Thursday, January 10, 1878
ENDING  TUESDAY, January 8th.
          Elizabeth Vance to  A. E. & L. Wahsburn; 40 acres in Washington Tp. --- $2,000.
          James W. Patterson to  T. D. Lewis; part of lot in Waldron --- $100.
          H. H. Harrell to  Granville S. Harrell; 7 acres in Brandywine Tp. and part of lot No. 27 in Fairland --- $500.
          James Stafford to  Selman Stafford; 10 acres in Addison Tp. --- $500.
          John C. Darmer to  Alice B. Bankert; 22 acres in Hanover Tp. --- $1000.
          H. Lemaster to  J. Lemaster; 33.25 acres in Washington Tp. --- $2,161.25.
          David Youngs to  James Youngs; 35 acres in Hanover Tp. --- $1.00
          James Youngs to  Cyrus M. Youngs; 35 acres in Hanover Tp. --- $1,500.
          L. H. Branson (guardian to  R. Holbrook; 13.36 acres in Union Tp. --- $678.
Copied by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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