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The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday, March 2, 1940
Page 1
Children Benefit by Terms of Doc-
ument -- Estate Valued at Nine
Thousand Dollars.
          The estate of  Mrs. Elizabeth Rehme,  opened today in Shelby circuit court, is valued at $9,000, with personal property estimated at $3,000 and real estate at $6,000.
          A son,  August E. Rehme,  has qualified as executor of the will by filing bond in the sum of $18,000.
          The will directs the payment of all debts and funeral expenses and devises a quantity of stock in the local Coca-Cola Bottling Compnay to three children,  August E. Rehme,  Clara Miller  and  William Rehme.  The document also directs the executor to reduce the remainder of the estate, both real and personal, to cash and distribute the proceeds among the children,  William,  August  and Henry Rehme  and  Zita Rehme,  Agnes Rehme,  Clara Miller,  Regina Oakley  and  Hattie Hendrickson.
          The instrument was written February 12, 1923, and witnessed by Wilbur F. Pell and James McCloskey.
Contributed for Mary Rinehart

The  Shelbyville  Democrat
Monday, November 4, 1918
Page 4
          Henry Rehme,  of Dayton, O., was here yesterday to be with his mother,  Mrs. Elizabeth Rehme,  of west Broadway, who has been in a critical condition since receiving word of the death of her son,  Private Lawrence Rehme,  in France.  Her sisters,  Mrs. Amelia Puelsing,  of Newport, and  Mrs. Walter Berck,  of Bloomington, Ind., will be here for a few days.
Contributed by Barb Huff

The  Shelbyville  Republican
Wednesday, October 8, 1913
Attending the Funeral of
Mr. Frank Rehme Today
          A number from a distance were here and attended the funeral of the late  Frank Rehme  today at 9 a.m.  They also attended the solemn high mass at St. Jeseph's church, conducted by Rev. Father Bogeman, of Bloomington,  Ketter of St. Vincent's and  Father Kaelin of St. Joseph's.  There were as follows:
          Mr. and Mrs. Walter Burke  and son  Daniel  and daughter  Helen  of Bloomington;  Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rehme  and children of Dayotn, O.;  Joe Schmidt  and  Frank Schmidt,  of Miamisburg, O;  Mr. and Mrs. Matthias Rehme,  Mr. and Mrs. John Brocksterman  and  Mrs. Adda Hulschemeyer,  of Cincinnati.
Contributed for Mary Rinehart

The  Shelby  Republican
Tuesday, September 17, 1907
Large Crowd Attends the
Box Social Given By Knights
of Columbus -- Cards and
Dancing the Amusements.
(From Friday's Daily.)
          The Knights of Columbus gave a box social at their hall on East Braodway last night, a large attendance being present.  Progressive euchre was engaged in,  Mrs. Frank Rehme  being awarded the ladies' prize, a cut glass tumbler.  The gents' prize, a fancy shirt, went to  Peter Lux.  Each of the men present brought a box with them.  The boxes were filled with good things to eat.  During the evening the committee in charge of the entertainment substituted other boxes.  When Frank Rehme  opened the box he supposed he had brought he sit down to the table to spread a lunch for his lady and was surprised to find that he had a box of lemons.  During the latter part of the evening those present enjoyed a dance.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelby  Democrat
June 16, 1898
Page 3   column 1
          There were fourteen children of the St. Joseph school received their first communion Sunday morning at the St. Joseph church, and they were escorted to and from the school building near-by by the Knights of St. John.  On reaching the church the usual or customary exercises were carried out,  Rev. Father Kaelin  making a talk to the bright class which will ever by appreciated by them as it was by their proud parents and all members of this congregation.  The class was composed of the following children:  R. H. Glowka,  August Rehme,  J. W. Kramer,  J. M. Schneider,  A. C. Waggoner,  G. A. Oefelein,  G. A. Slusser,  Rosa M. Neuman,  Amelia A. Voss,  Rosa Hirschauer,  Susan G. Wheeler, Adelaide Dellekamp,  Cora E. Sims  and  Lena Brill.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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