The  Shelbyville  Republican
Saturday April 15, 1911
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Husband Has Many Charges Against Him
Going To Get Divorce
So He Can Marry The Woman He Loves
He Alleges She Drove Him Away From Home at Night
And That She Was Always Nagging at Him
          That Baker S. Ruddick and his wife, residents of Columbus, are both going to make a fierce fight to secure a divorce, was shown this morning when a complaint for divorce was sent to Shelby county from Bartholomew county by the attorneys of Mr. Ruddick and with it came a cross-complaint filed by the attorneys of the wife.
          The parties were married September 11, 1906 and separated December 6, 1910.  Mr. Ruddick charges his "better half" with being cross and vicious that she is vulgar and continually nagged him during the time that they lived together.  He even says that he was "driven from home at night time" by his wife and that she refused to care for his home, get his meals and that he was compelled to eat at a restaurant.  The defendant refused to live in his house and compelled him to rent a piece of property.  He is the owner of several lots in Stuttgart, Arkansas, and she refuses to sign the deed so that he could sell them. 
Mrs. Ruddick "comes back" at her husband by alleging that he struck and beat her and then dragged her about the house.  While she was ill he deserted her and was gone for seven months, he is addicted to the drug and whisky habit, is dirty and filthy, that he wears fancy clothing and that she has been compelled to buy her own clothes, the husband having notified the merchants of Columbus to not give her anything on credit.
          The cross-complaint also alleges the plaintiff has threatened to kill her and that he often expresses the wish that she was dead.  She alleges further that the plaintiff says that he would get a divorce and marry another woman with whom he is in love.  He received many letters from other women, according to Mrs. Ruddick.  Ruddick is worth $15,000 and his wife is asking for $10,000 of that amount.
Bartholomew County, Indiana Marriages
Baker S. Ruddick  &   Laura E. Ruddick
September 11, 1906
Book C-18  page 55
Contributed by Barb Huff

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