The  Shelbyville  Republican
Tuesday December 7, 1909
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Mrs. Doris Ruhlman Leaves Estate to Five of Her Children 
And the Sixth Part To Grandchildren
          The will of the late  Mrs. Doris Ruhlman, who died a few days ago, was probated with  County Clerk Deitzer  Monday.  The will provides for the payment of all debts of the estate and of the funeral expenses by  Mary Klose, who is named as executor.  Special bequests are then to be made as follows:  To St. Vincemt Catholic church, $50, the same to compensate the priest of such church officiating at the funeral and for masses said for the repose of the soul of the testatrix; to a daughter, Josephine Soller, $75; to another daughter, Rosa Grusemeier, $75; and to a third daughter, Catherine Ruhlman, $125.
          The estate residue is then to be divided into six equal shares to be distributed one share each to five of her children,  Mary Klose,  Anna Siefert,  Josephine Soller,  Rosa Grusemeier  and  Catharine Ruhlman, while the sixth share is to go to  Albert,  Charles,  Frank  and  William Ruhlman, who are the children of  Mrs. Ruhlman’s son, Benjamin Ruhlman, of Indianapolis, who is not remembered in the will.  In this connection the testatrix makes the following explanation:  “I have not made any bequest for the benefit of my son, Benjamin Ruhlman, and have given his share to the above named children, believing it my duty to do so, because of the way he has permitted them to be treated.”
          Mrs. Klose is to serve as guardian of the children and also to act as trustee for them.  This arrangement will prevail until the youngest, William, will have reached the age of twenty-one years.
          The instrument was drawn June 17, 1909, and was witnessed by K.M. Hord and Ed K. Adams. One year ago $500 was given by Mrs. Ruhlman to each of her children as Christmas presents.
Contributed by Barb Huff for Pat Gschwender

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