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The  Shelbyville  Democrat
Shelbyville, Ind., Friday, February 14, 1913.
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          Conrad Schroeder  was a passenger to Indianapolis this morning.
Copied by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelbyville  Democrat
Saturday, February 22, 1908
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History of American Writers and
Their Works Ably Discussed --
Meet Two Weeks Hence.
          The American History club was charmingly entertained last night by  Miss Ellen Schroeder  at her home on west south street.  The usual responses of current events were given to roll-call.
          Mrs. Charles A. Karmire  had an excellent paper on three of America's earliest writers.  Her subject, "A Comparative Study of Irving, Bryant and Cooper," was especially well handled.  In contrast to these early writers, "Some Present Day Story Tellers" was the subject of Miss Ellen Schroeder's paper.  The field is broad and includes all kinds of writers, but she made a very worthy selection and briefly sketched the kind of books these 'story tellers' are producing.  "America's First Great Poem -- Thanatopsis," read by  Miss Enos,  completed the program.
          The hostess then passed slips of paper, on which were the popular quotes of nine of our presidents, and [my copy ends here]....
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Daily  Republican
Saturday, May 12, 1888
L O C A L       N E W S.
          Jacob Schroeder  is making his arrangements to attend the Democratic National Convention.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Daily  Republican
Monday, July 21, 1884
          F. H. Strauss, jr., of the firm of Strauss & Co., wholesale liquor dealers at Cincinnati, is visiting Mr. Conrad Schroeder, of this city.
Contributed by Marica Stinson

The  Daily  Evening  Democrat
Monday, March 26, 1883
L  O  C  A  L      N  E  W  S
          Our friend Conrad Schroeder to-day celebrated his sixty-first birthday.  Mr. Schroder is like wine in this, that he improves by age.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Daily  Evening  Democrat
Shelbyville, Indiana
Friday, April 14, 1882
          Township Trustee, Conrad Schroeder, today turned over the books belonging to this office to his successor  Mr. John Shelk, and the latter enters at once upon his duties. Mr. Schroeder has been a faithful and efficient officer and he retires with the best wishes of his many friends of both parties, for his future welfare.
Contributed by D. Darlene Palmer

from a Shelby County newspaper
Shelbyville, Ind., May 12, 1881
The Marriage of Miss Mary Schroeder and Mr. Joseph Schott, Which Took
Place at the Christian Church Thursday Night
          The marriage ceremony of  Miss Mary Schroeder and Mr. Joseph Schott, was performed at the Christian church at eight o'clock Thursday evening by the Rev. Dr. Winter, and the happy couple went to their own houses on Polk street, and commenced house keeping. Among the large number of invited guests were  Mr. and Mrs. John V. Palmer,  Mrs. Gotleib Sindlinger, and  Miss Vandyce, of Indianapolis, and three sisters of the groom, Misses Katie  and  Theresa Schott, and  Mrs. Mrne [sic], from Cincinnati, and  Mr. John Wiekle also from Cincinnati, and  Mrs. Kate Petilliot, of Columbus.  The presents were numerous and elegant, as the follow- ing list will demonstrate:
The bride's father, silver castor and $100.00;
bride's mother, chamber set;
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Fiatz, silver cake basket;
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hamilton, silver butter dish;
Mrs. G. Sindlinger, Indianapolis, silver butter dish;
Mr. and Mrs. G. Herder, silver butter dish;
Mrs. John Denny, silver breakfast castor;
Miss Mollie Rix, silver pickle castor;
Misses Laura and Lena Metzger, set silver vases;
Mr. and Mrs. Rust, set napkin rings;
George Schoelch, set silver table spoons;
Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Palmer, Indianapolis, set silver teaspoons;
Mrs. Margaret Posz, set silver teaspoons;
Wm. Flemming, set silver teaspoons;
Miss Maggie Deprez, silver butter knife;
Eddie Schroeder, silver butter knife;
Miss Louis [sic] Stephan, Japanese card basket and rug;
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Roth, bed spread;
Mrs. George Denny, table cloth and towel;
Miss Mollie Schoelch, tablecloth and towel;
Mrs. Matt. Schoelch, tablecloth and towel;
Miss Kate Posz, tablecloth;
Miss Maggie Schoelch, set towels;
Miss Emma Schoelch, basket flowers;
Mrs. H. Senf, lamp and lambrequin;
Miss Anna Senf, darnette toilet set;
Miss Sophie Benjowsky, tidy;
Miss Lizzie Schuler, lace tidy;
Misses Eva and Amelia Flaitz, tidy;
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Chueden, piano rug;
Miss Katie Schott, German lamp;
Mr. and Mrs. John Schoelch, lamp;
Miss Katie Petilliot, set vases;
Albert Mutchler, album;
F.W. Mohr, glass fruit dish;
Mr. Conrad Schoelch, glass fruit dish;
John Posz, glass pitcher and cake stand;
Miss Maggie Posz, set goblets;
Mary Schuler, set goblets;
Miss Minnie Burker, celery glass;
Mr. and Mrs. George Schoepfel, glass tea set;
Miss Mary Posz, glass tea set;
Miss Lizzie Burkher, glass tea set;
Mr. Edward Mueller, Indianapolis, glass butter dish;
Master Conrad Schroeder, spittoon;
J.H. Brady and wife, camp chair;
Mr. and Mrs. Wallar, camp rocker;
John C. Deprez, camp chair;
Mrs. Joseph Erne, chromo painting;
Miss Theresa Schott, chromo painting;
Master Jacob Schroeder, chromo painting;
Mr. and Mrs. Brummer, glass fruit dish;
Miss Carrie Harstman, glass fruit dish;
Miss Carrie Schultz, glass set.
          The reception took place at the residence of the bride's father, and she being an only daughter, Conrad, who is one of the most indulgent fathers, besides being one of the most popular men and reliable Democrats in the county, determined to make the occasion one to be remembered.  To this end no expense was spared, and the three hundred or more guests who attended will testify to its being all that could be desired.  May the newly married couple and our old friend Conrad live long and happily is the wish of the Democrat!
Contributed by Mary M. Bittner  and  Linda Mohr

The  Volunteer.
Shelbyville, Ind.
February 5, 1863
APPLICATION  FOR  LICENSE. --- Notice is hereby given that I will apply to the Board of Commissions of Shelby county, Indiana, at their next term, commencing the first Monday in March, 1863, for a license to sell "intoxicating liquors in a less quantity than a quart at a time,"  (with the privilege of allowing the same to be drank on the premises) for one year.  My place of business, and the premises whereon said liquors are to be sold and drank are located on lot number eleven, corner of Harrison and Broadway streets, in the city of Shelbyville, county and State aforesaid, and now occupied by me as a saloon.
Dated Feb 5, 1863.
Copied by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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