The  Shelbyville  Republican
Monday Afternoon, October 25, 1926
Page 1  column 4
Mrs. Jacob Schuck and Mrs.
George Holtel Are Hurt
When Car Upsets.
          Mrs. Jacob Schuck  of South West street, was seriously injured and  Mrs. George Holtel  received minor injuries in an automobile accident which occurred Sunday near Newpoint in Decatur county.  Mr. and Mrs. Schuck and  Mr. and Mrs. Holtel were on their way to Batesville and were riding in a Sedan belonging to Mr. Holtel.  In going around a slight bend the back wheels of the car skidded, causing the car to turn over.
          Both bones of Mrs. Schuck;s right forearm were broken.  She received several cuts and bruises and it is feared that she is injured internally.  Mrs. Holtel received a scalp wound and other minor injuries.  Neighter Mr. Schuck or Mr. Holtel were hurt.  The two women were taken to Major Memorial Hospital in this city in an ambulance from Greensburg.  Their injuries were attended by  Dr. W. C. McFadden  and  Dr. DePrez Inlow.
          Mrs. Holtel was removed to her home this morning.  Mrs. Schuck was reported to be resting well.  Her daughter,  Miss Caroline Schuck,  who was spending Sunday in North Vernon, was called to her home because of her mother's injuries.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday March 22, 1923
(From Thursday’s Daily)
          Mrs. Lona Shuck, residing at 402 Shelby street, has filed a complaint in the Shelby circuit court thru her attorney,  H. C. Jones, against  Joseph Shuck,  for a divorce and the custody of two children. She charges mistreatment and desertion.
          The complaint charges the defendant cursed Mrs. Shuck and the children, he threatened to harm her and struck her.  Mrs. Shuck also charges that the defendant remained away from home late at night and insisted that she go to work.
          The couple was married October 17, 1907 and the separation took place March 8, 1923.
Contributed by Barb Huff

The  Daily  Democrat
Saturday, July 1, 1911
          Miss Essie Wilson  and  John Schuck  will spend Sunday at Tipton at a reunion of the  Schuck  family.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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