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The  Shelbyville  Republican
October 27, 1917
Page 1
          Mr. and Mrs. Riley Sedgwick, of near Fairland, left early this morning in their machine for Camp Taylor where they will spend Sunday.
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The  Shelbyville  Democrat
Monday, July 31, 1911.
Members of Pond and Sedgwick
Families in Annual Reunion --- 
Elaborate Dinner Served.
         The members of the  Pond  and  Sedgwick  families gathered at the home of  Mr. and  Mrs. Walter Pond, in Marion township, yesterday, in their annual family reunion in honor of the occasion of the seventy-second birthday anniversary of  William Pond, which occurred several days ago.
          A very elaborate dinner was served the guests, who comprised nearly all the members of the immediate family and their children, there being sixteen grandchildren and two great-grandchildren present.
          Those present were  Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pond  and children, Clyde, Anna and  ElmerMr. and Mrs. Clarence Pond,  Mr. and Mrs. Riley Sedgwick  and children, Everett, Roy, Blanche  and  RalphMr. and Mrs. Harvey Miller  and son,  GarnetMr. and Mrs. Otis Jones  and daughter, Miss HelenMr. and Mrs. DeWitt Pond  and children, Clancy and MarthaBert Pond  and children. Lova and William, and  Miss Carter  and  Miss Grace Robins.
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The  Shelby  Democrat
April 28, 1892
Page 3
Project Received a Decided
Impetus on Saturday Afternoon.
          The court house contained a large number of representative farmers and business men on Saturday afternoon, who assembled in response to invitations issued by the progenitors of the starch factory project.  Standing room was at a premium during the earlier part of the meeting, and all present seemed inclined to aid materially in an enterprise which cannot fail to benefit nearly all classes of citizens.  Judge L. J. Hackney was made chairman, and in accepting the position that gentleman made a strong and unanswerable argument in favor of the plan.
          Hon. John Beggs, of Terre Haute, was called upon, and he also made an earnest plea on behalf of the enterprise, concluding his remarks by subscribing $20,000 in aid of it.  Col. Isom Wray, S. L. Vanpelt, Esq.,  Hon. O. J. Glessner and others spoke in behalf of the project, and when subscriptions of stock were called for the sum of $50,000, half of the amount required, was speedily taken.  Committees were appointed to solicit aid from the various townships, and the work will be vigorously prosecuted.  The committees are composed of the following gentlemen:
          Sheby township -- Elston Green,  Jacob Emerick,  Stephen Barnes,  John Pherigo,  Ike Hulsman, Thomas Jacklin,  John L. Wheeler,  George W. Zoble;  Addison -- Thomas Francis,  John W. Wilson,  W. C. Thompson, Isom Wray,  Jonathan Tenant,  Arthur J. Thurston,  John C. Deprez,  O. J. Glessner,  George W. Tindall;  Marion -- E. V. Morrison,  William Kinsley,  J. Marsh Wilson,  Alonzo Rhoades,  Leason Bass.  Hendricks -- Jesse Shaw,  J. B. Stewart,  John Pottinger,  Ithamer Davidson,  George Hill.  Brandywine -- John W. Vanarsdall,  John L. Montgomery,  John B. Harrell,  James H. Nail,  William H. Harrell. Liberty -- Mike Yarling,  Dan Calahan,  Nick Weintrout,  Joseph Haymond.  Union -- John Mohr,  Jacob Thomas,  T. A. Cotton,  James Cherry,  John Gaheimer, Henry Weingarth.
          [The first part of the sentence is not here] this is a move to largely benefit the farming class, and whatever puts money into their pockets redounds to the material prosperity of merchants and mechanics.  Careful estimates as to the profits accruing from the manufacture of starch prove that such an enterprise is a sure money maker, yielding large returns, and our people will not be slow to appreciate that fact.  The next meeting on May 7th articles of association will be submitted.  The subscriptions to date are as follows:
          We the undersigned respectively agree to subscribe to proper articles of association of a starch factory company to be formed at Shelbyville, the amounts set opposite our several names to the capital stock of such company, said subscription being payable in installments not exceeding one third thereof in each installment, and the several installments covering not shorter than January 1st, 1893:
L. J. Hackney..........$1,000.00
Wm. C. Thompson........ 1,000.00
John W. Robertson...... 1,000.00
Samuel Sandefur........ 2,000.00
Jno. Toner, Sr......... 1,000.00
Elston Green........... 1,500.00
Jonathan Tenant........ 1,000.00
Thos. Jacklin.......... 1,000.00
W. S. Ray ............. 2,500.00
J. R. Sedgwick......... 1,000.00
Jno. Beggs.............20,000.00
Clinten Scholler.......10,000.00
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The  Shelby  Republican
Monday, February 1, 1892
          Mr. Will Hughes  and family, of Indianapolis, are guests of Clerk Sedgwick  and wife.
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The  Shelby  Democrat
July 17, 1890
Page 3
          Mr. Matt. Sedgwick,  brother of the next Clerk of Shelby county, has formed a partnership with  Squire Mitchell Ham,  of this city, in the stone business.
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