The  Shelbyville  Republican
April 14, 1926
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          Mr. Ralph Showers  and son,  Billy,  of West Broadway, will spend the week-end in Tiffin, Ohio, as the guest of Mrs. Showers' sister,  Mrs. Harold Gilmer.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelbyville  Democrat
November 2, 1914
Complete List Has Been Announced --- Otto L. Coyle, Democratic
County Chairman, Says He Fails to Remember His Election Officials.
          The Republican today endeavored to secure a list of the judges, clerks and sheriffs appointed by  Otto Coyle, Democratic county chaiman, and  J. L. Showers, Progressive county chairman.  Mr. Showers produced his list of appointments, but Mr. Coyle stated that he was unable to do so.  He said that he had not saved a list and that he did not know at this time who all of the men were who would serve.
          Following is a list of the Progressive appointments and a list of the inspectors appointed by the Board of County Commissioners.  In the list, the judge is named first, the clerk second and the sheriff third:
          Addison No. 1 --- John Davis,  Earl Engle,  Harry Lawrence.
          Addison No. 2 --- Gordon Teal,  O. L. Adams,  Clarence Bassett.
          Addison No. 3 --- L. H. Dunn,  H. B. Griffey,  Jesse Meloy.
          Addison No. 4 --- Edward A. Neu,  William Neu, Jr.,  . . . . ., sheriff.
          Addison No. 5 --- A. E. Lisher,  Wm. G. Schoolcraft,  Herman Antle.
          Addison No. 6 --- Ray Miller,  Downey VanPelt,  John Oldfield.
          Addison No. 7 --- Warren Haehl,  Howard Roberts,  John Marlowe.
          Addison No. 8 --- S. L. Lange,  T. N. Sykes,  Henry Lemasters.
          Addison No. 9 --- Jeptha Humphries,  Lafayette Patrick,  George Schuck.
          Addison No. 10 --- George Meiks,  Joseph Pearson, Jr.,  Cy Carmony.
          Addison No. 11 --- William Edwards,  Roscoe Patterson,  George W. Zemer.
          Addison No. 12 --- William Higgins,  Blair Smith,  Rufus Miller.
          Addison No. 13 --- C. J. Limpus,  Elmer Herring,  Elmer Reddington.
          Brandywine, North --- John Haskett,  Otis Healee,  Albert Pond.
          Brandywine, South --- Frank Cole,  George Jackson,  James Perry.
          Hanover, East --- Gayle Wilcoxen,  Leslie Lewis,  Frank Wilcoxen.
          Hanover, Center --- Ira Thayer,  Cecil Teague,  James Nelson.
          Hanover, West --- Clarence Young,  Otis Miller,  Ed Fouty.
          Hendricks, North --- Wash Kendall,  Otto Kendall,  Charles Allen.
          Hendricks, South -- Albert Tucker,  Delbert Clendenning,  Bedney Massingale.
          Hendricks, East --- William Comstock,  Otto Creek,  Jacob Vogle.
          Jackson, North --- Frank E. Cowles,  Everett Snyder,  Spencer Nelson.
          Jackson, South --- William Gerrard,  Charles F. Young,  Emmett Bentley.
          Liberty, South --- John W. Greene,  Ray Jones,  Omer Barlow.
          Marion, West --- Homer Skillman,  Percy Gordon,  Milton Gordon.
          Marion, East --- Elmer Howell,  William Hatfield,  James Clegg.
          Moral, Center --- Charles Rawlings,  Clest Walker,  William Kavanaugh.
          Moral, East --- William Sleeth,  Frank Weaver,  Harry Schloesser.
          Moral, West --- Benjamin Behyme,  Clyde Lowes,  W. A. Crisler.
          Nobel[sic], West --- Isaac Hall,  Ida Wood,  William Hall.
          Noble, East --- Jesse Armstrong,  Van Roberts,  Roy Hungate.
          Shelby, East --- Jesse Lennox,  Henry Pond,  E. A. Henke.
          Shelby West --- Curtis Caudell,  Frnak Billingsley,  Vayle Mohr.
          Sugar Creek, South --- John W. Shadley,  Ora Applegate,  George Bass.
          Union, North --- Charles S. Macy,  Samuel Phares,  Emory Daily.
          Sugar Creek, Noth[sic] --- N. G. Morris,  Albert Totten,  Warren Johnson.
          Union, South --- George Barlow, Walter Reese,  James T. Morris.
          Van Buren, North --- Judge not named,  Isley Tyner,  Wilbur Scudder.
          Van Buren, South --- Judge not named,  Havey Wintin,  Will Akeman.
          Washington, North --- Geo. F. Young,  Roy E. Young,  Taylor Phares.
          Washington, South --- Charles A. McCalip,  Warren Fately,  C. M. Burns.
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The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday, November 16, 1905
           J. L. Showers  went to Flat Rock last evening on business.
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The Shelby Republican
Friday, August 12, 1898
          Well No. 59 of the Citizens Natural Gas company was drilled in Wednesday and  Secretary Showers  is more than pleased with it. It is the best producing well drilled this year.
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The  Shelby  Democrat
January 24, 1889
            John H. Kitner, as guardian, has filed a suit against  Amanda Showers  and  Thomas Showers  for partition and sale of real estate. 
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