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The  Shelby  Republican
Friday, August 12, 1898
          Allen Simpson, of this place, has sold a farm of forty-three acres in Moral township, for $35 an acre to  George Walker, and Mr. Simpson has purchased the  John Whitehead  property in Walkerville, paying therefore $600.
Copied by Lorraine Llewellyn

The  Fort  Wayne  Sentinel
January 17, 1896
Page 1
Lives of Detectives Threatened for Enforcing
The Nicholson Law
SHELBYVILLE, Ind., Jan. 17.
          The excitement here continues at fever heat over the actions of  Detectives Simpson  and  Weirick, who were brought here from Indianapolis to prosecute the saloon men.  The trial of saloon defendants was resumed yesterday morning and fines of $20 and $40 were entered, the defendants at once appealing their cases.  The two detectives seem scared and afraid of the crowd which hangs around the court room and follows them to and from their meals.  The men were arrested on a charge of procuring violations of the law, on which they were tried yesterday afternoon.  Their rooms are guarded at night and once, while they were on the street, they were followed to their hotel by a howling, crazy mob, who only wanted the ball started to have engaged in a riot.  The crowd carried ropes. brandished revolvers in the air and shouted,  "Hang the scoundrels,"  "Shoot them,"  and kindred threats.  Simpson and Weirick show a disposition to leave the city, but the committee having them in charge desire that they remain.
Contributed by John Ballard

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