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The  Shelby  Democrat
Thrusday, April 8, 1915
Page 6   column 5
Will Be Opened Next Monday
Morning By Harry C.
(From Saturday's Daily.)
          The "jitney" bus movement has at last struck Shelbyville and beginning with next Monday it will be possible for her citizens and visitors within her gates to ride from the heart of the business section to the outermost points of the city for the small price of five cents, one nickel, or one jitney, if you please.  Then, of course, one may ride from the otuermost[sic] points to the business section of the city for the same expense.
          H. C. Sorden,  the liveryman, is the enterprising citizen who is planning this line of public service for the city, and his north Harrison street barn will be the "depot."  The jitney bus, however, is not intended to supplant his cab line business, which will be operated the same as ever.
          In opening the line he will use only two or three autos, but this number will be increased as the business grows.
          Mr. Sorden has in mind the operating of lines as follows, beginning Monday:
          From barn along east Pennsylvania street to Kirtley store near Forest Hill cemetery and then back to barn by way of east Washington street to avenue grocery, along Montgomery street to Miller avenue, then back along the avenue and Miller street and Broadway to barn.
          From barn along Harrison street to Colescott street to Miller street to Second street; then back along Second street to Pennsylvania depot to barn by way of Harrison street.
          From barn out east Washington street and down south Noble street to Harrison avenue and back along Harrison street to barn.
          A schedule will be announced and trips will be made as frequently as the ground can be covered.  The buses will stop anywhere at the curbs to take on and let off passengers.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelby  Daily  Democrat
Tuesday, October 3, 1905
Page 1
Was Mart Sorden at His Barn This Morning.
          This morning  Ed Miller  and  James McBride  went to the barn of  Mart Sorden  on north Harrison street and engaged a rig for the purpose of going fishing.  The outfit was secured and the men started out.
          In a short time they returned and asked for another vehicle as one of the braces under the buggy had broken.  Sorden started to change the buggies for them, when he discovered about a dozen bottles of beer in the bottom of the bed.
          It is said that Sorden became angry and began using some strong language.  McBride approached him and struck him at the side of the head, knocking him to the floor.
          The latter is of cement and as Sorden fell his head struck with great force.  He was dazed and blood flowed from the wounds profusely.  Dr. Thomas Green was called and attended the man.  While the injuries are of a painful nature, no dangerous results are feared.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The Shelbyville, Indiana, Daily  Democrat
Tuesday, July 18, 1899
          Messrs. Harry Hall  and  Harry Sorden,  went to the  Vandegriff  camp this morning to spend the day.  The camp will break to-morrow.
Copied by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelby  Republican
Shelbyville, Indiana
December 19, 1878
          Conover & Baxter  are putting up a fine monument at the grave of  Isaac Sorden,  in the city Cemetery.
Copied by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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