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The  Shelby  National  Volunteer
Thursday, January 26, 1871
Page 2, column 3
          Horace Stevens,  Abe Dumont*,  James Rolleford, and  Sanford McCarty, were instantly killed by the explosion of a boiler in Stevenson's Saw Mill, about four miles from St. Paul, in this county, on Monday last.  The building was totally destroyed.  Two of the bodies were blown over one hundred yards from the scene of the disaster.
Page 3, column 2
Four Men Killed
St. Paul, Indiana, January 23rd, 1871   --   A terrible boiler explosion took place at Stevenson's Saw Mill, about three and one half miles from this place, at about 4 o'clock Monday evening, January 22nd, by which Horace Stevenson, the Proprietor,  Abe Dumont, engineer,  James Killiford, laborer, and Sanford McCarty were instantly killed.  The bodies were terribly mangled - one having the head and one arm torn from the body.  Two of the bodies were blown over one hundred yards from the scene of the disaster, leaving parts of their clothing hanging in trees over 30 feet from the ground.  The building was totally destroyed.  The engine was one of the largest portable engines in this section of the country; it had only been working at this place about a month.  Pieces of the engine and boiler were blown hundreds of feet from where it stood.  The cause of the accident is unknown, but it is generally supposed that it was caused by low water in the boiler.  The only survivor of this terrible accident was Jerry Furguson, who was down below, wheeling saw dust from under the saw at the time of the accident, and who escaped with but slight injuries which were mainly caused by the concussion.  All the victims of this accident were men of families, and their bodies were removed to their houses.
Contributed by Barb Huff
* Correct spelling is  DeMott  per great-great-granddaughter, Linda Clapp Sullivan

The  Shelby  Republican
January 25, 1871
Page 2   column 4
Four Men Instantly Killed
          In our last issue we gave the details of the explosion of a saw-mill boiler near Rushville, by which three persons were hurled into eternity without a moments warning.  Another explosion, more terrible in its results, happened near St. Paul, in this county, at  Stevenson's Saw Mill, on Monday of this week.  The explosion occurred about 4 o'clock in the afternoon; and four men -- Horace Stevenson,  Abram Dumont,  James Ralliford  and  Denim McCarty -- who were working in the mill at the time, were killed instantly, the bodies of two being found at a distance of  OVER  ONE  HUNDRED  YARDS  FROM  THE  SPOT!  The accident was caused by lack of water in the boiler.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

From the Indianapolis Newspapers Database, 1848-1991:
ACCIDENT / Explosion / St. Paul, Shelby Co. / Stevenson, Horace and three others killed by boiler explosion. J. 1-24-1871. p 4, c 4.

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