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The  Daily  Republican
June 11, 1888
          Bellamy S. Sutton  was one of the speakers at the Democratic ratification in this city on Saturday night.  Getting worked up he exclaimed:
          "Has anybody been sent to the penitentiary under this administration?"
          This was rather an unlucky question for Bell to ask.  Several persons felt like replying, "What's the matter with Sim Coy?"  Under this administration Coy and   Bernhamer, two of the principal Democratic managers of the State, were safely landed in the northern prison.  Moreover, they were prosecuted by one of Cleveland's appointees, District Attorney  Sellers  assisted by other honest Democrats.  Coy has for years been a leading light in the Democratic party.  At the time of his conviction he was chairman of the Marion county committee and member of the city council.  The latter place he still holds.  It may be added that while Cleveland's administration prosecuted Coy and was assisted by a few honest Democrats, the Democratic part of the State openly and loudly disapproved of the prosecution and sympathized with Coy.  So whatever credit is due to Cleveland for prosecuting a scamp is discounted by the fact that his party in this State disapproved of the whole business and denounced the district attorney for prosecuting Democrats..
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelbyville  Daily  Democrat
Thursday, January 21, 1886
          Miss Minnie Sutton  received a box of Indian River oranges from a gentleman friend in the Sunny South this morning.
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The  Indianapolis  Journal
2 Jan 1883
Page 1
Gathering Statesmen
Preparatory Meeting of the Legislature--
The "Candidates"
. . . The chief interest is centered about the contest for the speaker . . . Bellamy Sutton, of Shelby, who is a perennial candidate for everything or anything, it [sic] is also working for the speakership.
Contributed by John Addison Ballard

The  Daily  Evening  Democrat
Monday, April 10, 1882
          Our old Democratic friend,  Bell Sutton,  of Shelby county, is again a candidate for Clerk of the Supreme Court, which, of course, is gratifying to his many friends in Madison county.  Mr. Sutton is a live and enthusiastic worker, and member of the Democratic party, and his nomination would be a good one for Democracy. --- Anderson Democrat.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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