The  Shelby  Republican
Thursday September 11, 1924
SPENT  ALL  MONEY         
Mrs. Ruby Fay Swinehart Asks    
    Divorce From Basil R. Swinehart
          Mrs. Ruby Fay Swinehart, No. 328 East Mechanic street, has filed a complaint for a divorce in the Shelby Circuit Court against Basil R. Swinehart.  Will A. Yarling represents the plaintiff. Mrs. Swinehart also asks for the custody of their son.
          The complaint states that the couple was married June 7, 1920, and separated September 7, 1924.  Mrs. Swinehart says that after their marriage her husband became indifferent in his treatment of her, and cursed and abused her.  She says that at one time he became angered with her, and grabbed her by t the wrist so severely as to dislocate it.
          When they were living in Blue Ridge she says that her husband remained away from home late at night, and refused to give her any reason for his action.  She charges that he took $60 of her money at one time and squandered the amount, refusing to pay it back to her.  At other times he took other sums from her, she says.  The wife alleges that her husband failed and refused to provide for her and the child.  She states that during the last winter he refused to buy coal, and that she and the child suffered from the cold, and that she was humiliated by taking aid from other persons.  During the time they were married, Mrs. Swinehart asserts that her husband provided her with only two suits, two pairs of shoes and one hat and one coat, and that he bought their son two suits and one pair of shoes.  Her parents supplied them with the remainder of their clothing, the plaintiff says.
          Mrs. Swinehart asserts that her husband spent his money on himself for his own pleasure. She charges that he is an intemperate smoker of cigarettes, and that he bought cigarettes leaving her and the child in want.  The wife says that her husband refused and failed to pay their rent and grocery bills, and that he now owes rent in Blue Ridge, Rays Crossing and Shelbyville.  She charges that he sold her cook stove and furniture which had been given to her by her father, and that he spent the money on himself.
Contributed by Barb Huff

The  Daily  Democrat
Shelbyville, Indiana
February 12, 1915
Page 4   column 5
          Mrs. F. W. Pence,  and son,  Harry Allen, of Indianapolis, are here for a short stay the guests of her mother,  Mrs. Clara Swinehart.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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