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The  Shelby  Republican
Friday, September 20, 1907
Page 3   column 5
(From Tuesday's Daily.)
          Henry Wertz,  trustee of Washington township, has been compelled to send  Mrs. Nettie Titus  to the poor farm.  Mrs. Titus is the woman who was whipped with a black-snake by her husband several days ago.  A trial was held at Flatrock, and after three days the jury finally decided that her husband,  Robert Titus,  was guilty of the charge against him.  He had money to pay his fine and costs but decided it would be better to go to jail and he began laying out his fine and costs.
          Mrs. Titus was taken to the farm by Mr. Deiwert  Saturday afternoon.  She had only a few articles of clothing with her.  She may be compelled to spend the remainder of her days at the farm.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming
Note:  I tried to find more information on Nettie, but nothing of substance yet.  Nettie M. Cowger  married  Joseph R. Titus  on May 2, 1903, Marriage Book 17, page 40, Shelby County Indiana.  I found a death certificate for a Nettie Titus, age 33, who died in Shelby County on June 24, 1908, Death Record Book H-24, page 9.

The  Shelby  Republican
Friday, September 13, 1907
Page 1
Robert Titus Has to Pay a
Fine and Costs for This Of-
fense -- Jury Was Out Over
Twelve Hours.
(From Thursday's Daily.)
          Robert Titus,  who has been on trial for the past two days, charged with whipping his wife with a black-snake, was found guilty of the charge in  Squire Thompson's  court in Flatrock this morning and he was fined $12.50 together with costs.  The jury was given the case yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock, and was out all night, not reaching a verdict until 4 o'clock this morning.
          While the trial was in progress testimony was given which caused the arrest of  David Titus,  brother of Robert.  The charge brought against him is criminal assault on the wife of his brother, while in her weakened condition.  He was placed under a bond of $60 and his case will come up before the next term of the Shelby county grand jury.
          Mrs. Titus is a person of unsound mind.  She makes her home with her husband and his mother.  A few weeks ago she was sent away from her home by her husband, who purchased her a ticket for Rushville.  She was sent there and had only a few pennies in her pockets on arrival.  The officers of that city took up a collection and purchased her a meal and then sent her back to this city.  She was found on Van avenue by  Sheriff Butler  and taken to jail where she spent the night in the residence part of the building.  That evening the sheriff telephoned her husband to come and get her.  He did not show up until the next morning and when asked the reason by the sheriff he said it was raining and he did not want to get out in the rain, and he did not think he would have come after her anyway, had it not been raining.  He told the sheriff that he would like to get a divorce from her now that her mind is not right.

Page 4
Robert Titus Charged With
Whipping His Wife With a
Black-snake, Is On Trial at
(From Wednesday's Daily.)
          Robert Titus  is on trial at Flatrock before  Justice Thompson  on charge of whipping his wife.  Yesterday morning it took several hours to select a jury and one that was satisfactory was not made up until 2 o'clock in the afternoon.
          After two witnesses had been examined  Mrs. Titus  was called to the stand and the defense objected to her testimony, declaring that she was insane and an imcompetent witness.  An examination was held as to her sanity.  The jury was excused and this question brought up.  After an hour it was decided that she was sane.
          She was again placed on the witness stand and after being asked a question or two, refused to answer any more.  On being asked the trouble, she stated that her husband was sitting in one side of the court room looking at her and she was afraid he would use a black-snake whip on her.  She was promised protection and answered a few more questions when she again became silent.  It was found that her mother-in-law was on the other side of the room and kept the woman frightened by her looks.
          When 4 o'clock arrived court adjourned to meet again this morning at 10 o'clock.
          A large crowd was present this morning when court was called and witnesses are being examined again today.  The jury will not be given the case until some time tomorrow.
          Mrs. Titus is the woman who spent one night as the guest of  Sheriff Butler,  in this city some time ago.  She had been found in Rushville and sent back to this city.  When she was taken in charge by Mr. Butler, she said her husband had put her on the train at Flatrock and sent her to Rushville on a visit.  The next morning the husband called for her and took her home.
          The present trouble occurred early in August, when it is said Titus whipped his wife with a blck-snake whip.  He was arrested on this charge and that is what he is being tried on.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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