The  Shelbyville  News
Saturday, June 6, 1959
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accompanies this article.]
          Mr. and Mrs. Howard (Jimmy) Turner,  widely known local residents, will observe their golden wedding anniversary June 16, and will celebrate the occasion by holding an open house at their home, 123 Third St., on Sunday afternoon, June 14.
          The open house hours will be between 2:00 and 5:00.
          Before the wedding in 1909, Mrs. Turner was  Mabel Richards  and the ceremony was solemnized in the home of her parents,  Mr. and Mrs. Benson W. Richards  at Morristown.  Rev. F. A. Guthrie,  then pastor of the Morristown Methodist Church, heard the couple's vows in the presence of a few friends and relatives.  Mrs. Turner's brother-in-law and sister,  Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Bennett  of Cincinnati are the only living persons who attended the rite.
          Following the wedding the couple resided in Connersville for a short time and they have lived in Shelbyville for more that 48 years.  Mr. Turner retired several years ago after being employed by the Indiana Bell Telephone Company for 39 years.  Both he and Mrs. Turner are active members of the West Street Methodist Church.  They are the parents of two children,  Joseph R. Turner  of the Knightwtown Road and  Mrs. Otis A. (Dorothy A.) Fraker  of Fairland.  They have two grandchildren, John J. Turner  and  Anne T. Fraker. Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelbyville  News
Wednesday, August 13, 1952
Former  Local  Resident
Is  Married  In  Texas
          Announcement has been received here of the marriage of  Gus O. Turner,  son of  Mr. and Mrs. Milo L. Turner  of Odessa, Tex., formerly of Shelby county, and  Miss Charlotte Lee,  daughter of  Mrs. and Mrs. E. D. Lee,  also of Odessa.
          The marriage took place July 31 in the home of  Rev. Curtis Thorpe,  pastor of the Temple Baptist Church in Odessa.  Attending the rite were  Mrs. and Fred Durbin,  Mrs. Richard R. Turner,  the bride's parents and the groom's parents.
          The bride wore a gray suit with navy accents and a corsage of gardenias and feathered carnations.  Mrs. Turner will attend the Odess high school as a senior this year.  The groom, who was graduated from Waldron high school, is employed with Beck's Construction Company. They are residing at 1200 E. 35th St., Odessa.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelbyville  News
June 13, 1951
Local  Couple  Will
Mark  Anniversary  By
Holding  Open  House
          Mr. and Mrs. Howard Turner, widely known local residents, will mark their 42nd wedding anniversary by holding open house at their home, 123 Third St., Sunday afternoon from 2:00 to 5:00 o'clock.  There are no invitations issued.
          Mr. Turner retired some time ago from the Bell Telephone Company after 31 years of service and for many years Mrs. Turner was employed with the Bryant-Roth Co.
          Mrs. Turner was  Miss Mabel Richards  and the marriage took place in the home of her parents, the late  Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Richards  at Morristown on June 16, 1909.  The late  Rev. F. A. Guthrie  officiated.  She is a native of Hancock county and Mr. Turner was born in Shelby county.  With the exception of 14 months in Connersville they have spent their entire married life in Shelby county.
          Mr. and Mrs. Turner have two children,   Mrs. Otis A. Fraker  of Fairland and  Joseph Turner  of this city, and have two grandchildren,    and  Anne Fraker.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelbyville  Republican
June 18, 1934
Page 2
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Social News to the Society Editor, Number 36.
          Mr. and Mrs. Howard Turner, of Third street, quietly celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary Saturday.  Mr. and Mrs. Turner were united in marriage at the home of her parents,  Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Richards  in Morristown, by the  Rev. P. A. Guthrie,  then pastor of the Morristown Methodist church.
          The Republican joins with their hundreds of friends in wishing them many more years of continued health and happiness.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday October 3, 1895
Page 3 column 1
          Lee F. Wilson, Saturday, filed a suit in the Circuit Court for his client,  Joseph F. Turner,  in which Joseph alleges that his mother-in-law,  Mrs. Barbara Knowlton,  is guilty of alienating his wife’s affections, and that he wants damages in the sum of $5,000.  Joseph was married to  Isadore Knowlton on August 9, 1894, and lived with her only a month and a few days when, as he alleges, Mrs. Knowlton tore her from his bosom and home, which he had provided for her in Johnson county.  Attorney Wilson will be assisted in the case by Attorney Robert Miller, of Franklin, and the suit will be watched with deep interest, owing to the fact that no similar case has ever appeared on our docket.  Mrs. Knowlton is a wealthy resident of Hendricks township.
Contributed by Barb Huff

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