The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday February 25, 1915
Page 2 column 2
          In the case in which  Olive B. Unger, of Hanover township, sued her husband,  Elbert M. Unger, for a divorce in circuit court late Wednesday afternoon, Mrs. Unger urges that all their troubles have been brought about by her husbandís drinking habit, a habit he acquired about four years ago.  The couple were married February 1, 1903, and the separation occurred February 16, 1915.  Mrs. Unger charges that her husband becomes intoxicated at least twice a week.  Before the habit was acquired, she alleges, they were accumulating property and he was succeeding in business, but now he neglects his business, is getting deeper and deeper into debt and nearly all of their property has disappeared.
          Mrs. Unger charges that her husband fails to provide a comfortable home for her and their only child, a daughter,  Florence L., eleven years old, or to make suitable provisions for them along other lines.  She asserts her husband has become abusive and cruel and that he has compelled her to work to support herself.  She alleges that he has struck and kicked her on numerous times, that he uses the foulest and most profane language before her and the child, and that he has threatened to kill her with a razor.  She charges that the girl fears her father to such an extent that she has become nervous and ill and is unable to perform her duties at school.  Mrs. Unger asks for the custody of the child, $1,000 alimony and ten dollars per week for the support of her daughter.  Hord & Adams, of this city, and Cook & Walker, of Greenfield were attorneys for Mrs. Unger.
Contributed by Barb Huff

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