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The  Shelby  Democrat
June 17, 1915
Page 6   column 3
Fifteen Girl Friends Sur-
prise Her at Her Home on
South West Street.
(From Monday's Daily.)
          Miss Aletha VanAmee,  the interesting daughter of  Mrs. Katherine VanAmee,  of 327 south West street, was the victim of a very delightful surprise party yesterday afternoon when fifteen of her little girl friends gathered at her home to help her celebrate the twelfth anniversary of her birth.  And they did a good job of it, too.
          Every one of the guests and the popular hostess seemed to be in the height of their glee, and it was one big time from the hour of beginning -- two o'clock -- until the time for leaving, six.  The lawn at the Shelby street school building provides an ideal place for a party and Mrs. VanAmee took the crowd of girls there, where the afternoon was spend in various kinds of games and contests.
          After hours of frolicking upon the greensward the girls returned to the home of the hostess, where a dainty collation was served by Mrs. VanAmee.
          Miss Aletha was remembered with many nice presents from her little friends, all of which she prizes most highly.
          The guests were the  Misses Edith Davis,  Alma Chambers,  Mary Montgomery,  Ruth Hack,  Ruth Billman,  Exine Dickman,  Floreine King,  Florence Whitehead,  Antoinette Pitman,  Ruth Flack, Edna Brimmer,  Vivan Coers, Lena Fox,  Dorothy Hageman  and  Boneta Higgins.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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