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The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday, November 16, 1916
Page 8
(From Saturday's Daily.) ----------
          An appeal for the purpose of locating  Mrs. Sarah Vance  reached the Democrat this morning, coming by mail from  Mrs. John Decker,  of rural route sixteen, Milton, Ind., a daughter of Mrs. Vance.  Mrs. Decker states she has not seen her mother since she was a small child and that she once lived here with her parents, her father being  Samuel Vance.
          No one about the Democrat office could recall the family, but it may be that some readers of the paper can give the information desired by Mrs. Decker.  The Democrat will appreciate any information relative to the whereabouts of the woman being inquired for.  Mrs. Decker writes the Democrat as follows;
          "Please help me find my mother.  I have not seen her since I was a small child.  I used to live in Shelbyville with my parents.  My father's name is Samuel Vance and my mother's name was Sarah Vance.  I am married now and I want my dear mother in my home.  My sisters,  Beulah  and  Hattie,  are married, and my name is  Laura Vance Decker.  Please help find her and put this in the paper.  May God bless the ones who help me find her."
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Daily  Evening  Democrat
Shelbyville, Ind.
Tuesday, October 2, 1883
          Gertie Vance,  the five-year-old daughter of  J. H. Vance,  is seriously ill with diptheria.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Daily  Evening  Democrat
Thursday, April 13, 1882
          Mrs. Mary Bless  filed an affidavit against  Benjamin F. Vance  before  Squire Higgins  yesterday charging him with provoking her to put a head on him.
Contributed by D. Darlene Palmer

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