The  Indianapolis  Star
April 15, 1910
Page 4   Column 4
          James D. Vaughn, 73 years old, a farmer of Noble Township, and  Mrs. Mary Gue, 71, were married here Saturday.
Contributed by Virginia Latta Curulla

The Shelby Democrat
Thursday August 29, 1895
Page 1 column 4
(St. Paul, Indiana, August 22, 1895)
          About five hundred persons attended the old settlers meeting held in Meltzerís gove, Thursday August 15th. Interesting speeches, relating to the early settlement of the country by the forefathers, were made by  Messrs. E. L. Floyd, Nicholas Bailey and  A. M. Weed, of this place, and  Mr. Isaac Wilson, of Shelbyville,  Rev. O. E. Evans, of St. Omer, delivered an interesting talk taking for his subject an old gun now owned by  Dr. Webb, of near Adams, Decatur county, bearing the brand of 1776 and carried by the doctors grandfather through the revolutionary war. Marion Byland, of Noble township, carried a cane cut on the battlefield of Tippecanoe in 1811 and which has been in the Byland family since 1850.  The oldest person present was  Uncle Samuel Vaughn, of Sulphur Hill.  He is ninety-two years old and resides on the farm upon which he settled in 1827.  He seemingly is as agile as a boy in his teens and to illustrate this fact he sat down on a chair and placed one of his feet on the top of his head.  After the addresses the time was spent in friendly chat and many fond remembrances of childhood days were recalled by the meeting of old friends.  In the evening those present departed for their homes feeling that it had been a day pleasantly spent and one never to be forgotten.
Contributed by Barb Huff

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