The  Shelbyville  Republican
Tuesday, September 2, 1913
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          The following rulings were made by the court:
Court Notes.
           Belle Vernon vs. Sarah Spaugh et al; complaint for partition and sale of real estate.  Plaintiff files proof of publication of notice to non-residents.  Submitted for trial; finding for petitioners.  Property found not susceptible of division and ordered sold at private sale by commissioner as a whole or in parcels.  Herbert C. Jones appointed commissioner to sell. Bond fixed at $24,000. Bond filed and approved. Judgment as per decree.
Copied by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  National  Volunteer
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April 27, 1854
          Jacob Vernon Esq. had an unweaned eleven month old Durham calf that recently gave birth to calf.
Abstracted by Maurice Holmes, in his book Shelbyville, Indiana, Newspaper Excerpts: 1853-1859.  Submitted by Sherry Badgley Ryan, with permission from the author.

The  National  Volunteer
February 24, 1853
          Elected to the Board of Directors of the Shelbyville L. B. Railroad February 14, 1853.  Benjamin Irvin,  J. Vernon, James Elliott,  John Elliott,  Alexander Miller,  M. M. Ray  and  W.O. Rockwood, Esqs.
Copied by Sherry Badgley Ryan; abstracted by Maurice Holmes, in his book, Shelbyville, Indiana Newspaper Excerpts 1853 - 1859

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