The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday, August 22, 1878
Page 3, column 2
          William Vess was arraigned before Mayor McGuire, one day last week, charged with cruelly beating his wife and other bad conduct.  Before the trial commenced, Vess made an excuse to go in search of a lawyer and forgot to return.  Having stood William as long as she could, Mrs. Vess filed a suit for divorce through her lawyer, Edwin K. Adams.  The complaint makes rich reading and from it one is forced to conclude that the redoubtable William is one of the wickedest benedicts that ever persecuted a woman.  To sum up the charges in a sentence, Mrs. Vess says in her complaint "That during the time of his marriage the defendant has made and sustained the character and reputation of a mean, quarrelsome, degraded, drunken, immoral and licentious man in the community in which he lived, thereby causing the plaintiff great sorrow and anguish of mind".
Submitted by Barb Huff

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