The  Shelby  Republican
Thursday May 29, 1924
MRS. WALSER               
            IS  GIVEN  DIVORCE
Awarded Alimony of $4,500
By Judge Harry C. Morrison
In His Decree
          Mrs. Catherine H. Walser, of this city, was granted a divorce from William E. Walser, of south of Shelbyville, by Judge Harry C. Morrison, in the Shelby Circuit Court today. Mrs. Walser was also granted alimony in the sum of $4,500 by the court. The costs in the case which were incurred by Mrs. Walser, were assessed against Mr. Walser.
          The court found that Mr. Walser is not indebted to Mrs. Walser in any amount and that Mrs. Walser is not entitled to recover any judgment against Mr. Walser on any trust fund which the husband is alleged to have had from his wife.
          Mrs. Walser filed a complaint for a divorce several months ago. She asked for the recovery of a trust fund, and alimony, the total of her demand being $18,500. Evidence in the case was heard several weeks ago, the trial lasting through several days. At its conclusion the case was taken under advisement by Judge Morrison.
Contributed by Barb Huff

The  Shelby  Republican
Thursday October 25, 1923
Mrs. Catherine Walser
Has Filed Suit Against
William E. Walser
          Mrs. Catherine H. Walser, No. 404 West Franklin street, has filed a complaint for a divorce in the Shelby circuit court against William E. Walser, a well known farmer, living south of Shelbyville. Mrs. Walser also asks for alimony of $13,500, and for a trust fund of $5,000. Elmer Bassett represents Mrs. Walser.
          The couple was married March 9, 1893, and separated last June 15, 1923. Mrs. Walser alleges that her husband has a high temper, and says that he cursed her, and told her that he did not love her. She states that he has been guilty of assault and battery on her.
          The wife says that in March 1918, she and her husband separated for six days, and that she returned at his request. They separated again in July, 1919, and lived apart until November of that year. On the date of their last separation Mrs. Walser charges that her husband kicked her, and after telling her that he should kill her, ordered her out of the house.
          She says that her husband owns personal property valued at $2,000, and real estate worth $32,000. She states that in 1912 she became the owner of a share in 200 acres of land, and that she had received rentals amounting to about $5,000, all of which she gave to her husband to carry on his business as a farmer. She asks that the court order her husband to repay this amount to her, in addition to the alimony, which is sought.
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The  Indianapolis  Daily  Star
October, 1923
          Shelbyville, Ind., Oct. 20---- Mrs. Catherine H. Walser,  prominently known in Shelby county, today entered a complaint in the Shelby Circuit court against  William E. Walser, wealthy farmer living south of Shelbyville, for a divorce an the payment of $18,500.  Mrs. Walser is residing with her daughter in this city.  Mr. and Mrs. Walser were married March 9, 1893.  The complaint charges Mr. Walser with beating and cursing his wife and ordering her from the house.
Contributed by Janet McColley Franklin

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