The  Shelby  Democrat
February 13, 1879

Trip to White County.
          We recently took a trip to Monticello, the county seat of White county, to turn Hetfield Warwick over to the authorities to be tried for horse stealing.  We were informed there that Hetfield is regarded as a very hard case in that section, where he has been roving and stealing for a long time.  Recently he concluded to go into a cattle speculation; so he went into the country and engaged thousands of dollars worth of stock from the farmers.  Many of these afterwards delivered their cattle at Monticello, but no Warwick was there to received them.  A more "cheeky" attempt at swindling than this would be difficult to imagine.  Finding things were getting too hot for him, the impudent Hetfield stole a horse on the 30th of January and made his way to this county.  Our readers are acquainted with his subsequent experiences.
          We made the acquaintance of Mr. Jas. Hay, Sheriff of White county, and found him a very clever, active and industrious official, and have met no young man for a long time who pleased us more than Sheriff Hay.  We were sorry to find him a Republican; he is a good enough fellow to be a Democrat.  We were treated by him with great courtesy and kindness.  In fact, this may be said of all those we came in contact with while in White county.  We took dinner with Mr. Jacob Fiester, County Commissioner, and were entertained by him in the most hospitable manner.  We shall long remember with pleasure our first visit to White county.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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