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The  Shelbyville  Daily  Democrat
Tuesday, August 5, 1924
Page 8   column 1
          Miss Alma Weintraut,  who has been ill for the last few days, was able to resume her duties at the  Stephan Bros. shoe store today.
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The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday, July 17, 1919
Grace Weintraut Tells of
Family Quarrels and
Three Separations
From Husband.
Defendant Claims Too Much Parent-
in-Law -- Plaintiff Demands Di-
vorce and Alimony -- Prominent
in Waldron Community.
(From Tuesday's Daily.)
          Warm weather did not prevent the court room today from being filled with spectators to hear the evidence in the suit of  Grace Weintraut  against  William Weintraut  for divorce and the cross complaint of the defendant, which has brought more than ordinary interest to residents in the southeast part of the county.  Mrs. Weintraut was on the witness stand most of the morning and told the story of the quarrels of the couple, during the brief period of married life, in which they were separated three times, the final separation occurring on Sunday May 4, 1919, when serious trouble occurred at their home two miles north of Waldron.
          Mr. and Mrs. Weintraut were married April 1, 1913.  Mrs. Weintraut is the daughter of  Joseph and Mary Lee,  whom the defendant accuses of causing the trouble between his wife and himself.  They are the parents of one daughter,  Gladys Marie,  aged 4 years.
Wanted  Her  to  Die.
          On the witness stand today Mrs. Weintraut stated that on the day of their last quarrell, her husband told her that he wanted her to die; on the particular day he had gone to the field to assist  Herman Boethman  in buiding chicken coops, and she stated she followed him to the field explaining that she wanted to help him; however he states that she merely wanted to renew a quarrell; on their way back she accused him of being intimate with other women and he told her if she repeated the assertion he would slap her, which she says he did when she did repeat the statement.  According to her testimony their life was a "free for all fight" most of the time, as she stated he knocked her down the night before their child was born; she also state that he bought a revolver to use on her and that they had trouble several times over church affairs.
Denies His Allegations.
          She denies his assertion of the cross complaint that she had a butcher knife under her pillow and that she said she would use it on him; she said she never had a butcher knife.  Mrs. Weintraut stated that he had beer in the house and that she had seen him gambling at his father's house in Prescott and at Martinsville.
Called Her Folks.
          It will be remembered that Weintraut paid a fine and costs in court here on a charge of assault and battery, as the result of a fight that occurred at the home on Sunday May 4; he had dressed their child and stated that he would take her away, according to Mrs. Weintraut, she called her folks, who held him while she took the little girl.
          Mrs. Weintraut is asking for severla thousand dollars alimony.  Mr. Weintraut is worth about $3,500 according to his lawyers and is in debt.  She is now employed as a clerk in a local department store.
          Cheney and Tolen  represent the defendant in the case and  Hall, Williams  and  Pell  and  Meiks  and  Hack  are attorneys for the plaintiff.
          Following Mrs. Weintraut, Mr. Lee, her father, was placed on the witness stand and he was followed by his wife.  Troubles of this couple were brought out and the defense sought to prove that Mr. and Mrs. Lee were instrumental in causing the trouble between the young couple.
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The  Shelbyville  Daily  Democrat
Friday, June 26, 1896
Page 1   col 3
        The case of  George Weintraut,  of Shelby township, charged with desecrating the Sabbath by hauling hay, was called in  'Squire Kenton's  court this morning and on change of venue was sent to 'Squire Bassett's court, and will come up for hearing Monday morning,  Wilson & Thompson  representing Weintraut.
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