The  Shelbyville  Democrat
Monday, September 2, 1907
Widow  Gets  Life  Interest  in  Farm --
Other  Provisions.
          The will of the late  Isaac K. Welliver, of Sugar Creek township, was filed at County Clerk Deitzer's office today.  Frances C. Welliver, the widow, and  Mrs. Lenora Smith, a daughter of the deceased, are appointed executrixes of the estate to serve without bond.
          All personal property, except household furniture, is to be sold and the proceeds used for the payment of all just debts, for funeral expenses and for the erection of a tombstone.  The remainer is to be divided, one-third going to the widow, one-third going to the daughter, Mrs. Smith, and one-third to a grandson, Edgar Hack.  The widow is to have the household goods as her absolute property.
          A life interest in the one hundred and three ace[sic] farm owned by Mr. Welliver is left to the widow.  During her lifetime there is to be no sale or partition of the land.  At her death it goes to Mrs. Lenora Smith and to Edgar Hack, each receiving one-half.
          The will was exectued January 27, 1902, and was witnessed by  Martin V. Strickler  and  Ira Becker.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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